5 Best Home Decor Trends 2019


home decor trends 2019

Discover five ideas to modernize easily and quickly your home or office with the latest home decor trends 2019.

With the entry into the new year, comes the list of fashion trends for this 2019 and not only in the world of fashion but in all fields of design, in the decoration also.

If you are renovating the aesthetics of your home or office and want to have some good ideas to modernize them. Do not miss what will be the home decoration in 2019. According to the famous Pinterest social network:

1. The geometric shapes


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Triangles on the walls, rhombuses hanging from the ceiling or carpets full of rectangles. It’s time to remember everything you learned in geometry class and apply it … in your classroom. The geometric shapes triumph in decoration. The options are endless: they can be combined with all kinds of materials, colors, and styles.

2. The chimneys


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The time comes when we begin to think and wish to have a good fire that warms our home in the coldest times of the year. Apart from having different types, the chimneys, besides being very useful in the winter. It’s is also super decorative in the home. Here you will find unforgettable ideas to inspire you.

3. Mustard yellow is fashionable


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Pinterest users have opted for the mustard yellow color, especially the younger ones. It is a tone that provides energy anywhere in the home. You can use it in some furniture or even paint the walls of this color.

4. Vertical gardens

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The interior plants are going to be a home decor trends 2019. Having them are all health benefits and aesthetically give a touch of life to the home. Vertical gardens are a good choice and can even be edible.

5. The cactus


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The cactus plants are the indoor plants chosen by the users of the platform. Because they give a touch of modernity. Households in many parts of the world aspire to have many plants. The cactus, in particular, is less demanding and does not require as much care.

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