6 Clever Decoration Tips That’ll Help You Stay Cool All Summer Long


6 Clever Decoration Tips That’ll Help You Stay Cool All Summer Long

Is your house an oven? Do not worry, we give you the best decoration tips to make your home cooler this summer.

Clever Decoration Tips summer

This summer, there is less heat in your home with these decorating tips that will make you feel fresher. Just as we can refresh the house without air conditioning, with some decoration tips your home will feel much fresher and more pleasant. Take note!

1. Betting on fresh textiles

 A renovation of textiles can make your home feel much cooler. The ideal for summer is to use breathable natural fiber fabrics such as cotton or linen. You can buy a cotton sofa cover and change the cushions to make your living room feel much lighter and fresher. In the room, store the quilt and bet on linen bedspreads or a natural fiber fabric to ward off heat.

2. Summer colors

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White, beige and neutral soft is perfect for decorating in summer. You can easily include them by changing the textiles of your home. In addition, you can use to paint a dark wall of your home that needs a touch up in a soft and fresh color. If you dare, here are the best tips and keys to painting the walls. You can also join a wallpaper in neutral tones that will help you bring freshness to your home.

You can also bet on some splashes of color in summer with bright colors without being dark, for example, lime, greens, turquoises, blues, roses … All are summer colors that bring light and freshness at the same time.

3. Save the carpets


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Carpets in summer? Unless you put the air conditioning so high that your house looks like a freezer (which we do not recommend) carpets at hot times of the year are not useful at all. Take the opportunity to send them to the cleaners and leave them stored and clean in the storage room waiting for next winter. And if you like to have carpets, choose carpets made of natural fibers such as coconut, bamboo, rattan or light cotton.

4. Become minimalist

The fewer things you have at home, the better because that way you’ll feel that it’s much less hot in your home. So, during the summer, bet on minimalism and lighten the space a little, removing those elements of decoration that are left over or covering the dark furniture with soft fabrics so they do not give so much heat.

5. Change the curtains

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Do you have thick curtains in your home? In summer it is time to change them. Choose light curtains that bring freshness to any room and wood or bamboo blinds that help filter light in the hottest hours.

6. Aromatize your home


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If you like to aromatize your home, bet on fresh scents with the smell of sea breeze or flowers, an essence that feels light and gives you a touch of freshness in your home.



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