An upside down Christmas tree Hot trend That’ll Be Everywhere In 2017


The tendency to place the traditional decorative object upside down Christmas tree is all the rage in the United States, where they were exhausted by the growing demand. The base hangs from the ceiling and allows more space to hang gifts.

upside down Christmas tree

To rigor of truth, to say that the world is? Legs up? it is something that is already known and, just looks at the front pages of the newspapers to corroborate the statement.

However, from the figurative expression about the state of alteration of humanity, a tendency and a fashion that prevails in these New Year’s Eve parties is revealed.

Although it is hard to believe, in the United States the fashion of putting the Christmas tree upside down is imposed. Yes, it is a trend that is raging in North America and that due to the high demand for these curious trees there is no longer stock in Christmas stores.

Unlike traditional Christmas trees, these are placed with the star down. There are different variants: they can be hung from the ceiling, screwed sideways to the wall or placed on a stand with the tip down.

The cost of a tree of these characteristics ranges between 800 and 1000 dollars, according to the size.

Some of the advantages of this curious tree are that it can be assembled in small spaces, between two armchairs. And the possibility of hanging it from the ceiling prevents the boys and animals of the house from approaching him.

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The truth that the novelty also opened the door to the debate on whether this trend really ends up imposing against the traditional, with the star up. Time will tell



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