Capricorn Horoscope 2018: Love, Career, Money, Health


Capricorn Horoscope 2018

Capricorn Horoscope 2018

Capricorn Horoscope of the year 2018

Begin to clear your agenda for the arrival of the year 2018. This period will be much more benefits for you than you expected.

To be able to see it in all its splendor you must start creating spaces for holidays and relaxation. Moments in which you will connect directly with your good luck.

You will move away from that future catastrophist that you usually create and you will stay with all the good things that are coming into your life.

It will be a relatively simple year after everything you’ve been through lately. Ambition has taken you to a desert island, so you can enjoy it.


On January 31 you will attend an eclipse of the sun in your most intimate part. From that period on, the way you express your feelings will change completely.

It will be as if you meet another totally different person. You will not be someone cold and distant, but a woman who will always want to say what she thinks.

Communication is one of the main bases of any relationship and that is why it is so important to have it always at bay.

In July you can go back to the old ways and go completely to your own devices, without saying anything to anyone, simply acting alone.

If you really want the ‘me’ to be transformed into ‘us’ you will have to put a little more on your part.

August can give way to a major crisis, so open your eyes to the changes and do not take off from your partner for a second.

It is not a good time to be alone, you will be subjected to too many tensions to face them in solitude.

Work and Money:

Changes in the work will come hand in hand with a relocation. If you want to ascend in the place you are now, it is materially impossible, so it would be better to look for another company or sector.

It will not cost you too much, when it comes to your professional life you have no doubts about it, you simply act regardless of who you take with you or the people who are harmed by your actions.

Certain moments of tension will be necessary to reach your dream goal. You will have a clear lack of control over household expenses.

You are letting yourself be influenced by another person who is going to put you in a difficult situation.

Your partner is not too prone to saving and therefore it seems that you are not either. You have reached this point moved by your passion and it has been a financial change that can get worse. Pay more attention to it so as not to end the year in bankruptcy.


The mental tensions and the fear of certain changes especially in the financial aspect will bring you a much weaker health than is customary in you.

You can start needing help from the month of March when you can not do anything else on your own.

If you do not get rid of all the negative you will not be able to do anything else than continue in that negative spiral that surrounds you in 2017.

Get rid of it or you will continue on the same line as in past times.