Gemini Horoscope 2018: Love, Career, Money, Health


Horóscopo 2018 Gemini

gemini horoscope 2018

 Horoscope of the year 2018

This year 2018 will be a time of great personal changes, Gemini. The planets indicate some expansion, new projects and elements that will come to your life. It will not be an easy road because the drama will take over the professional sector during the first months.

You will have to be strong and keep the rudder during the storm. Your willpower and especially someone you have by your side will help you. When this stage passes you will realize everything, you will feel at peace with the people who have been by your side and you will carry out a certain “clean-up” by removing those who did not support you from your life. You will put the points on the i’s.


In the field of love the time has come to make an important screen. The heart of a Gemini is very broad and sometimes lets in people who do not benefit. You will leave behind the superficiality, the one that has brought you very beautiful people, but that actually have a dark interior.

Leave only those who have earned your friendship and your love. November will be the worst month of all for this task. You’d better leave everything ready by then or you’ll have some problems. Beware of Aquarius: they are not clean wheat.

Open your eyes to changes and signals, you will feel that love comes to you. After the obstacles will come the long-awaited calm that will help you to value it even more.

Work and Money:

This year will not be too propitious if you have a business of your own. There will be too many ups and downs and that for someone who also does not have a plan B can be determinant. You will have to overcome some important difficulties if you want to fulfill your dreams but do not let the disappointment overpower you.

The worst months will be the initials in which a certain stagnation will lead you to have money problems. Ask for help as soon as you detect the problem and try to increase the credit. It could also be good to ask for professional help and advise you well on the steps you should take.

From October will come the stability you needed, you must hold your teeth and nails until then. If you are waiting for a place of work, it will be then when you will get the fixed contract you want so much.


This 2018 is a year of consolidation of your self-esteem. The time has come when you will look in the mirror and you will feel very well. You can not do anything other than love and give yourself pampering and even though the outside is not what you expect, your interior will be totally at peace.

You will enjoy a period of great emotional stability. It will be one of the causes that will augur your final victory, as a warrior with the necessary armor to conquer any battle that may occur. You will also help yours to get it and that will be even more rewarding.

If you have a relative who is going through a bad health time, with your help he will heal much faster. Give him your astral energy to make it so!