How To Seduce An Aquarius Man And Woman


How To Seduce An Aquarius Man And Woman

Seduce Aquarius Man Woman

Tips to Seduce An Aquarius Man And Woman. Aquarius is another of the complex signs when considering its conquest.

Aquarius tend to be unpredictable many times. We must start from the fact that Aquarians do not like to be alone, they are nice, supportive and know how to listen to others. On this side, it is easy to talk and relate to them. But they do not “give their souls with ease”.

Being a little emotional sign does not understand well the emotions of third parties. Therefore, do not pose the relationship from an emotional perspective.

Try to be original and take the Aquarius out of the crowd, take him on the path of idealism. They should be aware that their partner is a person worthy of being loved. If you get it you will have taken a big step.

On the other hand, you must remain impassive before the things that surely will disconcert you.

They throw candles and flee from certain problems. Therefore, they are not always good partners. In love, they are dominant and hoarding. They do not forgive infidelity.

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How to seduce an Aquarius Man

An Aquarian man must be considered among the most unconventional and unpredictable. Difficult to achieve, is not usually an easy follower of anything.

We must remember that Aquarius is a sign of friendship, not love. Aquarius man has a hard time feeling love. Usually wrapped in your stimulations and mental games, your partner should not expect passion or other emotional demonstrations.

If you want to seduce an Aquarius, let him believe you are his best friend. Do not push anything. You can not change the inherent characteristics of your sign, so do not try.

On the other hand, you will have to respect the scope of independence of an Aquarius in all its areas (work, family, love …).

Do not invite an Aquarian man to family reunions if you want to seduce him. He wants to go out with you, not with your family.

To treat it in the field of love you have to be brilliant, unconventional and intelligent. And never forget that Aquarians like to put love to the test.

How to seduce an Aquarius Woman

Like men, Aquarian women are independent, unpredictable and unconventional, but they tend to be the most attractive and seductive of the entire zodiac.

If you want to seduce an Aquarius, you must keep in your mind the idea of friendship and not love.

Aquarian women are capricious and want to go their own way. Sometimes you can take advantage of the fact that the Aquarian woman acts in a very liberated way. But even so, never force anything.

If you want to conquer an Aquarium you will have to be a humanitarian like her. It also works to be unique (even being somewhat eccentric). Watch your time and your interest will be aroused.

The Aquarian woman cannot stand emotions, so do not be sentimental with them. Do not talk about family matters.

You will not seduce an Aquarius by treating her as if she were to be your future wife. Try to be cold with her.

Teasing or teasing can work. Although careful, do it with style and prudence.

Now that you know how to conquer them

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