How To Seduce A Leo Man And Woman


How To Seduce A Leo Man And Woman

Seduce LEO Man Woman

General tips to Seduce A Leo Man And Woman Leo sign: If you want to make a Leo fall in love you will have no choice but to let him believe that they dominate and leads the relationship.

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Take advantage of their generosity and kindness, but do not question their mandate

If he is arrogant or arrogant, do not argue with him. Especially if he brings out his bad temper because it will pass from you forever.

Do not be dispensed with a Leo or selfish, they are two defects that will not tolerate in your partner.

Try to pose the relationship as if it were an adventure sport: incentives, new things, emotions … all this will be welcomed and digested by a Leo.

Let him talk a lot and express his extroversion. It will make you feel a protagonist and happy. But for this, you have to feel very confident. He hates making a fool of himself and being out of place.

You will like to know that you are a cultured, intelligent and sensible person. He does not like to be with someone less intelligent than them.

A temptation that you cannot resist is that you: invite yourself to some luxurious place (hotel, restaurant, shop) or have a relationship with power. It makes you happy and it will tell you yes.

Ask him directly what he wants to know. A Leo usually answers with sincerity. He likes straight people, he hates being detoured. He does not like false ones or takes advantage of them.

And a word of advice: do not be vulnerable to infidelity, since love with a Leo can be risky …

How to seduce a Leo man

I read them are dogmatic, but they also need a lot of love. One of the most effective ways to seduce a Leo man is “worshiping them”…

Indeed, the best trick to conquer him is to flatter him and even flatter him. You must be enthusiastic and optimistic and make him believe that it is the most absolute center of attention.

To conquer a Leo man a recipe that works is feeling proud of him and showing it explicitly and visibly.

Give him some gifts that are tangible. It is necessary to notice here, that the Leo expect splendid gifts – what can take to need enough money – and sometimes in things, that can grate in the extravagance.

If you want to seduce a Leo, you must know that sex is very important for this passionate sign. Invite him for a weekend in a tasteful atmosphere … Wear pink or peach (the most flattering colors) and use subtle perfumes.

A good champagne can work with a brave Leo man, determined and stylish can be a way to be irresistible to a Leo Be direct, as well as to tell him your feelings and how you appreciate … after a few glasses of champagne. Looks like the most confidence in yourself.

How to seduce a Leo woman

Like Leo men, Leo women are endowed with a big ego; his pride in his life and his desires one of his hallmarks. When he wants something, he goes and takes it. He will not wait a thousand years to get it.

If you want to seduce a Leo you will have to attract her to be the center of your attention. Tell him and show him, that she is your princess. Telling you how beautiful, nice and good it is … Listen carefully, adore …

It is about making the best cult of the woman and the best compliments .. You can go to see our section of phrases and soak up to have a good reservation.

Invite her to go outside and take her to the movies or the theater. Make her a member of select clubs (nautical clubs, golf …). It is very likely that I adore champagne or a good wine, so do not forget to fill your glass …

I read in a creative and playful sign, they do not usually take life very seriously. So play with her and joke with her as much as you can in a nice way.

To conquer the Leo woman, it is essential to respect her independence and always be on the spot when she needs you. Another important detail is intelligence. Show him that you are a cultured and intelligent person. She will love you twice and she will respect you.

And of course, never hurt your pride or vanity.

Now that you know how to conquer them.

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