In What Month You Born? Here We Tell You How You Are In Bed


How Good Are You At Sex?

How You Are In Bed

Know How You Are In Bed the sexual characteristics of each person, according to the month in which he was born.

The day and month in which you were born greatly influence the characteristics of your personality and, also, your sexuality. For that reason, it is that here we show you the sexual characteristics according to the month of birth.

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In What Month You Born?

January: The people who were born in this sign are very conservative in sex, but if they really like the person they could come to give free rein to their creativity.


February: They are adventurous people but they must be emotionally connected with their partner to show their most passionate side.

March: Sex is extremely intense for people who were born this month.

April: They are very passionate and hot since they have a lot of influence on Mars. They are very independent people and get bored pretty fast.


May: They consider sex as something comfortable and love to practice it with their partner.

June: They are quite curious so the creativity shown by their partner will drive them crazy.

July: They are very precise and always take care that their partner feels satisfied. They can have a perfect sex life if they can connect emotionally with their partner.


August: They are very effusive people, they love to leave everything in bed but there are days when they do not feel like expressing anything.

September: People born in this month take longer to fully enjoy sex. But when they get to connect with their partner they will do everything to have a good sex life.

October: They are super seductive people, however, they like to go slow and take their time to get to have sex.


November: They are very possessive people in sex. And they will do everything possible to make every time they have sex with their partner unimaginable.

December: Sex with people who were born this month will always be fun.

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