Leo Horoscope 2018: Love, Career, Money, Health


Horoscope 2018 Leo

leo horoscope 2018

Horoscope of the year 2018

I read this year 2018 you will launch from a plane to the void leaving behind all your fears and traumas. You need to do it, leave that zone of security that you have created, let the universe help you and be your parachute.

You will discover that reaching a point other than the place of the jump, will give you an inner peace never seen. It is good to see that the wind carries you, that the sun illuminates you and that there may be someone waiting for you below.

Adapting to the circumstances is something you must do, not create the world in your image and likeness, but see it as it is, without filters. Put on a scale what you have to lose and win and then you will be ready to jump.


Write in your agenda, end of January and beginning of March, during these two periods and especially in the period of your new moons will be the moment of your energy at maximum levels.

If you allow him to go where he wants to go, you will attract whoever has to come. If you lock yourself in or try to control it, you will close the door to the future. If you have a partner it will be as if you fall in love again.

If you are looking for someone special, it is a good year to work on the connections and the links, not in a physical way as before, but a little deeper. Those much more complex feelings will be those that take you to a higher level, a broader vision of your desires.

In November you may have some other communication problem, but nothing important, just a misunderstanding caused by the tension of the last throes of this year.

Work and Money:

The beginning of the year aims at the realization of a business that can be of the most beneficial for your finances. This 2018 does not look too bad if you’re thinking about changing jobs, it’s a good time to do it.

An unexpected partnership can lead you to want to expand your goals a bit more and see yourself occupying a slightly higher position. It is something that you deserve and that you can make it materialize. If you have any debt that worries you, before the month of April will be fully paid.

You will have unexpected money inflows that will benefit you thereafter. There are some elements of luxury, especially jewelry, that can come from your birthday. The big expenses will be in October, at which time you will be able to allow them with total peace of mind.


Your health will be something that will vary throughout the months. Certain respiratory problems will come with the spring. You do not finish completely healing that aspect that you attribute to some allergies.

You may have to dispense with some foods that you eat regularly and that is the cause of this problem. The food changes will bring with it some stability that you will have to maintain, trying not to fall into those impulses that you have from time to time.

At the mental level, you will be more than good, far from any ailment or setback.