Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2018: Money, Health, Love, Career


Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2018: Money, Health, Love, Career

Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2018

This month of July for the Leo horoscope, you will have a happy month. The most important thing is love, family, and work. Lucky days for July: 5-6-7-8-14-15-16-22-23-24.

Leo Monthly Horoscope love July 2018

Love will be greatly affected by the two eclipses that will take place on the 13th solar and the 27th the lunar. We could say that you will face and pass a small crisis, which does not mean that you are going to break, but it will make you modify your behavior, to live a sweet reconciliation. If you’re single, you’ll break hearts out there.

Leo Monthly Horoscope money July 2018

You will be fine money! Do not worry. If you are pending the resolution of a trial, it will be resolved suddenly in a surprising way.

Leo Monthly Horoscope work July 2018

If you work for someone else, you will have fights at work. If you have a partner, your association is in danger. You will not understand, you will put dirty rags in your face and you could end up leaving each one on your side. You have to clarify things, in order to continue functioning normally.

Leo Monthly Horoscope home and family July 2018

There will be problems in your home this month. There is nervousness, due to a problem that the head of the family will suffer and will affect everyone and the family environment. You will all be worried. Eclipses will cause breakdowns or breakages at home, which you will have to repair.

Leo Monthly Horoscope social life July 2018

It is a month in which it suits you to be calm in your house and let the month pass. A little movement, no travel and it will pass … Otherwise, you could suffer a domestic or car accident. The friends will propose a trip, which is better than you reject, to avoid problems.

Leo Monthly Horoscope health June 2018

Health will be good, but you continue with the transformation process, which you started last month and which will last a few months. This month, changes will be noticed more due to the influx of solar and lunar eclipses. You will change your way of thinking, physically, spiritually, image, style of dress and personality. You will want others to really see how you are and how much you are worth.

Leo Monthly Horoscope studies June 2018

If you are a student you will experience important changes, especially if you are at the University or if you are going to start this year. You could change university, change some subjects or even change careers.

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