How Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Signs


How the eclipse of this Sunday-Monday will affect the signs of the zodiac

Lunar Eclipse

You will not need a telescope to see the changes that the red eclipse will make this Sunday.

The supermoon of 2019 is about to surprise us this Sunday-Monday, January 20-21. This because it will happen very close to Earth. So, it will be appreciated larger than usual.

How will the red eclipse affect the signs of the zodiac? It is a total change in the Earth, the Moon and the sun causing a shadow on our planet.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in its entirety in the USA on Sunday evening into Monday but what time will you be able to see it in America’s different time zones?. Get ready:


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Lunar Eclipse In Aries

It is possible that the Red Moon does not favor you. Well, there are quite a few fights with the people you love. Particularly, if you live with small children or have children. Keep calm, they will put your anger to the test.

Not to mention that there is a drastic change in the work area. Do not worry maybe lose these days, but something better comes.

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Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

Problems at home, family, and work are increasing your levels of stress and insomnia. It’s time to take a break, stop trying to do everything at once. Make a list of priorities and be strong, because there are separate and economic problems.

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Lunar Eclipse In  Gemini

The connection of Gemini with the eclipse is impressive. If you were regularly having communication problems and fights with your partner. There is a change for the better. In addition, you may travel next month.

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Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

Just as care, do not take your partner’s comments to heart. Well, the supermoon will change your emotions and you will be more sensitive than usual. Also, do not despair.

if that business is not working out as you expected, do not give up. Something great is coming for you, especially in the next 4 months.

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Lunar Eclipse In Leo

The energetic change comes with the idea of renewing. Do not forget that the stars determined that 2019 arrives to transform. That person who causes you doubt will leave your life. It’s going to hurt but it’s the best, do not stick.

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Lunar Eclipse In Virgo

Virgo will be directly affected in the area of health. So, the cramps, burning and all kinds of digestive problems will visit you. Do not be scared.

It’s a way to cleanse all those bad vibes because there are people who have been spoiling you for a long time. Particularly, someone who claims to be your friend.

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Lunar Eclipse In  Libra

The Libra is the most prejudiced and undecided signs because they need to feel security before taking the step. Therefore, the stars come to put them to the test, that is, situations in which they have to choose between a couple and family. Also, that infidelity is approaching.

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Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio

In the case of Scorpio women. The shaking reaches their work area. It’s been a while since you’ve felt very satisfied with what you’re doing.

What do you expect to follow your dreams? Do not let “who will say,” decide for you. You will have an absurd fight with your mother, but everything will be fixed.

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Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

The thin line between doing or not doing, that’s how the night will receive you. The thoughts come to question you in all areas, but especially in money. Do not worry! It’s no use saving and saving without enjoying.

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Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn

Capricorn movement comes in business, but not something good. Well, the lack of money and debts will accompany you at least the first days of February. For the same reason, the differences with your partner are going to start, trust a little just want to help.

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Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

For some time, you have been distressed by your partner’s unusual behavior. it is possible that your predictions make sense. Well, very strong dishonesty comes from someone you love.

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Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

It is possible that a person from your past sends you an unexpected message because you feel that you have not closed your cycle. However, he does not intend to return.

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