Today Horoscope Friday, May 11, 2018: Hottest Place To Play Sex


Today Horoscope Friday, May 11, 2018: Hottest Place To Play Sex

today horoscope friday may 11

Today Horoscope Friday, May 11, 2018, is dedicated to Gemini and its special place to make love. Each zodiac sign has that place that motivates you especially to share great moments of passion with your partner. We all have a fantasy or a secret place to wait for the arrival of love. Do you want to know which place your partner is passionate about? Read this article and consult the daily horoscope.

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Aries today horoscope: Sofa

Aries is that very energetic and determined sign that seems capable of anything. That’s right, but in matters of sex, he prefers not to risk too much. One of the places in his house that he most appreciates is that sofa he has in the middle of the living room. A corner that provides great joys and is anatomically designed to practice different poses. It is a temptation to see it every day and not take advantage of it.

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Taurus daily horoscope: Kitchen

The place of a Taurus’s favorite home is the kitchen. In this room is where you have a better time, you have everything you need. If you also surprise him with a good sex session he will not want to leave there. The height of the countertop is the key to be able to enjoy more than necessary, it can also be interesting to lean on a stool. Surely Taurus has many ideas.

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Gemini today horoscope: Desktop

Gemini is a person who changes a lot when he is inside or outside his house. In the comfort of home is more free and clueless. It is better to put a little order from the first day. A sexual visit to the office to play boss and subordinate will love. He will be wanting to get home to clear his table and go play with his partner. Sharpen the pencil and prepare the colors.

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cancer today horoscope Friday, May 11: Bed

Cancer is so traditional that it is almost impossible to get him out of bed. It is where he feels most comfortable and can unleash his heart. For a special day, decorate it a little more, some rose petals and a little fantasy is always going well. The color red is one of his favorites to embark on a journey into the depths of passion. Introduce some toy to arouse your curiosity.

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Leo read your today horoscope: Car

Leo is the king of the jungle and also the master of the road. One of the things he feels most proud of is his car. He likes to show it and take care of it, it’s his secret fetish. A good job at the wheel will love it. Besides having that morbid added to be seen. A whole explosion of emotions that surely has very studied. He will recline the seat as if he had done it a thousand times before.

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Virgo your horoscope for today Friday, May 11: Shower

Virgo is a sign that is characterized by being very meticulous with cleanliness. He likes that everything is perfect. So many hobbies can end if you give what he asks. A good sex session in the shower or in the bathtub. It is your most loved environment, the one where no germ can attack you. Beware of slipping with soap, prepare the stage well for a good night of watery sex.

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Libra daily horoscope Friday, May 11: Mesa

A good romantic meal can be an incentive for Libra. This sign is characterized by fleeing routine and always seek new ways of inspiration. In this case, prepare a special event in the dining room. A bit of body honey, cream, chocolate and what your partner likes best. It will be a pleasant surprise to go out of the conventional and convert one of the rooms in which you spend more time in something special.

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Scorpio today horoscope: Balcony

The challenges enchant Scorpio. Tired of demonstrating his great lovemaking skills, he will consider discovering new horizons. Leave the window open from the balcony or look for hidden elements of the roof. The simple fact of thinking that they can catch you will make you feel immense emotion. It is a very psychological sign that will be dedicated to keeping your mind occupied while you recreate yourself in the situation.

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Sagittarius today horoscope: Window

Sagittarius is one of the most daring signs. He likes adventures and more if they can be the protagonist of some of them much better. Place the action site near a window that can see people passing by, but they do not know what they are doing. It seems exciting to him, he is able to imagine this situation a thousand times in his head until it becomes a reality.

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Capricorn daily horoscope: Carpet

The house of Capricorn is a sanctuary in its entirety. It is that place where you feel comfortable and enjoys every second of intimacy. Any place is good for passion to unleash. That new carpet that takes a few days looking sideways can be an ideal place. Place it in a place where you can perfectly see its domains, you will feel more secure and protected.

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Aquarius today Horoscope Friday, May 11: Ladder

Aquarius has a little eccentric taste, does not like conventional places, is excited in places a little special. His secret passion is stairs, he loves to feel the emotion of placing himself in a place where nobody else has thought about making love. It does not matter if they are folding or fixed, better if it is a little more unstable, you will feel like a circus tightrope walker.

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Pisces today horoscope: Chair

Pisces has seen many movies of love and passion, is a true master of the art of seduction. An element that you can introduce in a special encounter is a chair. You can play with it and serve as a point of support in many positions. Let him use his great imagination to get ideas out of nothing. After this, you will not see that everyday object again in the same way.

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