Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 16, 2018: National Piercing Day


Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 16, 2018: National Piercing Day

today horoscope wednesday may 16

Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 16, 2018, is dedicated to National Piercing Day. The place was chosen at the time of putting a piercing marks our personality. Beyond aesthetic fashion, piercing a specific part of our body will be a way of showing the world who we are. If you are thinking of getting a piercing, read this article and consult the daily horoscope.

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Aries Today Horoscope: Language Piercing

You are a person with a determination never seen. What you say is what you do. No one can stand between your great will and the goal you want to reach. In order to demonstrate that power, the best place to get a piercing is in the language. You can keep it hidden and take out when someone threatens your dreams. It is very sensual and daring, like you.

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Taurus daily horoscope: Ear Piercing

Taurus is one of the most conventional signs of the zodiac. In your case, you want to be original, but not too flashy. This type of aesthetic changes like piercings come to show you that you have overcome an important stage. The part of the body where you will best fit is the upper part of the ear. A small touch of daring for someone very conventional.

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Gemini today horoscope: Lobe Piercing

The line of the cartilage and the lobe of the ear will be the place to get a piercing. It is a special point of the ear, in acupuncture it is able to calm and guide. You need to meet your goals and focus on a single goal. Gemini is always going from one place to another looking for your way. The reality is that you have it closer than you think, in this case, your ear will show it to you every day.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Wednesday, May 16: Nose Piercing

Cancer you are a very sentimental person. Your appearance is that of someone delicate and fragile. A piercing in your body would break that dynamic unless you do it in a very discreet place. A small point on the nose will help you highlight your features. The days when you feel more daring you can put a hoop. It ‘s a way to shout to the world that you’re not so weak, you endure the pain of a piercing.

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Leo read your horoscope for today: Nipple Piercing

You are not a conventional Leo person. Your passion and the way you approach your goals is always imitated. You like to be the center of attention and attract all eyes, especially those of the male gender. To prove your character you need a very special kind of piercing, pierce one of your nipples. Put a small sample of your asymmetry and strength, if it is golden much better, it will shine just like you.

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Virgo your today horoscope Wednesday, May 16: Upper Lobe Piercing

The upper lobe may be the best place for you to have a Virgo piercing. It is a somewhat alternative corner, but not very striking. It is my practice because you can remove it and put it. If you get through and you like the experience, you can expand the area and place more piercings. A small bright will be the first step that will take you where you want. You have the capacity to achieve what you propose.

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Libra daily horoscope Wednesday, May 16: Septum Piercing

Libra is always up to date and in a matter of piercing you will not be left behind. In order to be yourself, you need to make the famous septum. A piercing in the nostrils that will give you a look at the most current. Aesthetics matters a lot to you and in this case, you will know how to choose the one that best suits your features. Someone like you will have several piercings, to be able to combine them with their daily compliments.

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Scorpio today horoscope: Nipples Piercing

Scorpio you are very sensual. If you could, you would go naked everywhere so that the world could see your attributes. You are a magnet that needs two clear and forceful poles of attraction, your nipples. In them, you can place two piercings well faced, that focus directly on your next victim. There will be no one who will resist your charms increased by a simple piercing that will highlight them even more.

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Sagittarius today horoscope: Navel Piercing

The navel is one of the parts of the body that Sagittarius likes the most. You look in the mirror and admire that button over and over again to the infinite. The proof that one day you were connected to another person. The symbolism of a navel piercing goes far beyond the aesthetic for you. It represents the creative force that moves the world and has made you as you are now.

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Capricorn daily horoscope: Cartilage Piercing

The type of piercing that most suits Capricorn should be placed on the part of the body that represents it. In your case, it is the head, in such a wide frame, the part where the cartilage of the ear joins with the head is the perfect corner. It is not too daring, on the contrary, it is very conventional. If you join it with a traditional design like a small button or a piece of silver, you will be represented.

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Aquarius today horoscope Wednesday, May 16: Genitals Piercing

The most alternative of the zodiac cannot leave anyone indifferent. You want to prove to everyone that you are not like others. In order to do so, you will get a piercing in the most painful and dangerous area that exists: The genitals. They are the place where nobody would want to have a needle through them. In your case, you will not hesitate to put it in that special part that will surprise more than one.

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Pisces today horoscope: Ear Piercing

Under the cartilage of the ear will be your favorite corner to get a piercing. It is a place that does not stand out especially, the whole part of the ear represents the most traditional area to wear a piercing. In your case, you prefer something that is conventional and that can be removed if you regret it. The new earring should be as delicate and romantic as you, choose something with flowers, you will love it.

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