Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 9, 2018: Lip Color Personality


Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 9, 2018: Lip Color Personality

today horoscope wednesday may 9

Today Horoscope Wednesday, May 9, 2018, is dedicated to Aquarius who paints his lips in purple. The color of the lips is the previous step to get the kisses we want. The fact of wearing them in one color or another, says a lot about our personality. If you want to know what color to paint your lips to succeed, read this article and consult the daily horoscope.

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Aries today horoscope: Red

The warrior of the zodiac needs to make clear without intentions to the naked eye. The lips of Aries are always painted in a very vibrant tone. The redder the tone, the better you will feel. You can also look good a more discreet fuchsia, strong tones like you. In both cases, you will be ready to succeed.

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Taurus today horoscope: Pink

The femininity that you release Taurus is really amazing. When you appear with that air of tranquility you transmit much more than you think. You worry especially to like and give everything to your partner. In your lips you will have a color in mind: The purest and most natural rose. You will enhance your features to show you very seductive.

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Gemini daily horoscope for Wednesday, May 9: Yellow

Gemini change your mind easily and you can move from one extreme to another in a matter of seconds. In lipsticks do not usually have a single tone, you prefer to change and offering an image each time different. You are not afraid to experiment with really strange colors, like yellow and blue. You are the one who fits everything.

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 cancer today horoscope Wednesday, May 9: Coral

The Cancer woman is very much at home, always trying to be the perfect hostess. The color of his lipstick shows that warmth that he transmits to his people. Look for that sunset orange tone that will turn your lips into a form of expression by itself. The coral color will give you a special and very bright shine, you will be the queen of your house.

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Leo read your today horoscope: Mate

Leo always needs that special point that distinguishes you from the rest of the mortals. You are the queen of the zodiac and that must be shown by your lips. The matte finish will be the one that fits you best, you do not need nuances or elements that distract attention from the truly important. Better not to put anything on, in case you have to give a passionate kiss.

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Virgo today horoscope Wednesday, May 9: Nude

Nude lips are Virgo’s specialty. You do not like to stand out too much, the more natural you are the better. You do not usually wear too much makeup, just a little moisturizer, and a base as similar as possible to your tone. If you really want to stand out, look for a plum color, you will see how you succeed.

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Libra today horoscope Wednesday, May 9: Vibrant Rose

You do not like your lips stand out too Libra. You prefer to pretend the balance you want inside. The pink tones are your specialty. They combine perfectly with any of your models. If one day you want to risk a little more of the account, look for a vibrant pink tone, more powerful and full of magic.

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Scorpio today horoscope: Nude mate

The heart of Scorpio is one of the warmest in existence. Your main focal point is the eyes, although the lips are a very important part of your makeup. Your mouth is one of your organs of expression, you need that point of evident sensuality. A nude matt tone, very natural will show your most meaty lips.

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Sagittarius Daily horoscope: Blacks

The coquetry of Sagittarius is very present in his dressing table. You have all kinds of elements to get perfect lips. Sagittarius does not skimp on products and always want to be perfect. You like to take a risk and sometimes you go a little further, black lips can only look good to a person like you.

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Capricorn daily horoscope: Hydrated

You are one of the great enemies of lipstick. You feel strange when you wear it, you can not help but take it off as little as you can. In the day to day, you prefer a balm that provides the necessary hydration, before a conventional lipstick. To start makeup, look for a discreet red.

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Aquarius daily horoscope on Wednesday, May 9: Purple

Aquarius you do not like the conventional, you prefer to get out of line whenever you can. Look in the perfumery that color a bit extravagant, sure you will give of what to talk. The purple is a color that not all people dare to try on lipstick. In your case Aquarius, you will be spectacular, will highlight your features even more.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope: Soft Pink

The soft pink is your safe bet and always elegant. You do not like changes at all, you prefer to have stability and a color of lipstick that everyone likes. Your sensitivity materializes in that sweet and very romantic tone. Your lips will open like wildflowers, in search of being able to kiss your ideal love.

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