Virgo Horoscope 2018 : Love, Career, Money, Health


Virgo Horoscope 2018

virgo horoscope 2018

Horoscope of the year 2018

The activity will be frenetic from the beginning of 2018 until the month of November. It seems that you do not have time for anything, the universe will put you to the test so that you get what you want, not without having worked for it.

You are more than accustomed to working the hours that are necessary and that’s why it will not be any problem to get it. You will vary your agenda to adapt it to meetings and trips that may arise.

Everything will be for a good cause that you will want to do as the hours go by. As the year progresses, stress and anxiety may appear, which you must fight firmly without letting them beat you at any time.


This year 2018 will be a month of conflicts when it comes to love. Especially from March, you will have a somewhat unstable energy in this aspect. Like it or not, some doubts will arise regarding your relationship.

It will be difficult to express yourself, it has always been a problem for you to express your feelings, if you find yourself with an important barrier, it will be even worse. The change you need will come at the end of this period.

You will realize that everything happens for some reason and you will want to materialize it in some way. The intimacy you so desire is not something physical but has a more mental point.

Take it more seriously and do not let your guard down, you need to be more in connection with a whole that you do not have now. Although it is hard you will have to take an important and decisive step.

Work and Money:

The first months of the year will be the most intense in terms of your work. You will have to make the maximum effort and the level of demand will be much greater. You feel motivated and with the knowledge necessary to achieve it.

You have been training and always giving the best of yourself. It will not be a problem to strengthen your position, but you will have to make great sacrifices that you should be willing to make. Some people will stay on the road, you will have to say goodbye and hope they do not leave forever.

If you are destined to be together, he will return, otherwise, you will have to continue without him. October will be the decisive month to buy if everything you’ve been doing throughout the year will pay off.

Do not leave the field for a second and see how it is flourishing, in case there is an important problem that you can rectify.


This year you may have to expand the family. The prosperity of the end of the year will be one of the necessary elements to take this important step in life. A new person will arrive or it will be gestated during this 2018.

For this fact it will be a year that you will remember with special love and affection. To be able to be fulfilled, you will have to take away the stress and anxiety of your life, to give way to the stability that a new life needs. Some small differences will be obstacles that will turn into opportunities.