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Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo October 2019 And Its Predictions

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo September 2019

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo September 2019. The most important thing will be family, work, health. Lucky numbers for October: 2-3-4-5-11-12-13-14-21-22-30-31.

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Love October 2019


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In October love will be an unstable month. The first 3 weeks will be more or less good, although with some disagreements. But the last week of the month, you could cut the relationship. The distance between you will increase physically and psychologically.

If you manage to pass this crisis, your relationship will be reinforced, but most of you will end up separated.

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Money October 2019

The money is going well for you! The prosperity achieved last month gives you peace of mind and you can sleep peacefully.

You don’t have to worry about anything. You’ll spend money on yourself and your home. You will buy everything you think is missing, so that everything works and the house is beautiful.

Try not to go crazy with expenses when you feel happy. Save the money Think twice before buying something expensive. Do not get carried away by happiness.

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Work October 2019

Your work and your profession are still important and you will continue working to plan your professional future. The year 2020 will be the year of your great expansion and professional success.

Plan everything well, in order to coordinate it and you will see how everything goes smoothly. You keep working, changing, evolving and opening yourself to new approaches. That’s very good.

You should do a visualization job and imagine how you want everything to be, imagine that you have already achieved it. You will see how you succeed!

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Social Life October 2019

Social life will remain quieter than usual. You will be tired and spend more time at home resting. That does not mean that you lose contact with your friends, it just will not be you who organizes meetings. You will feel like being alone.

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Home and Family October 2019

Family and home will be the center of your life and your priority from October 8. It will be a month where the family will be the most important for you and you will have to spend a lot of time at home.

Your family needs you and you helping them and restoring order at home, is how you will find your emotional balance. It could also be that you set up the business at home or that you will work more from home.

Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo Health October 2019

Your health will be good, but you work hard and accumulate fatigue. You need to rest a lot, to recover. Some vitamins would not go wrong, to help you feel more energetic.

You will especially feel bad last week. There you must stop. Walk, do your stretching and massage when you need it. It is important to sleep well, to rest and recover.

Free Monthly Horoscope Leo Studies October 2019

In October you are fully involved in your studies and your classes. You will try to concentrate because you want to get good grades from the beginning of the course,

you want to maintain a very high average. Besides, you will be attracted to love and luxury novels.

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Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo September 2019
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Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo September 2019
Free Monthly Horoscopes Leo September 2019. The most important thing will be family, work, health. Lucky numbers for October: 2-3-4-5-11-12-13-14-21-22-30-31.
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