Horoscope Scorpio January 2019


Horoscope Scorpio January 2019 and its predictions

Horoscope Scorpio January 2019

Horoscope Scorpio January 2019 will be moved by eclipses. The most important thing will be money, love, and social life. The lucky numbers for Scorpio in January: 1-2-3-5-6-10-11-19-20-21-22-27-28.

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Love Horoscope Scorpio January 2019

In love, you will continue to go very well. If you are a couple you feel happy, in love and live the relationship according to your criteria. Your partner is in love with you and lets you do it.

If you are single, you will fall in love wherever you go. Your charisma will be enormous and if you like someone, it will be for you. Love will find you.

Career Horoscope Scorpio January 2019

The work will be fine. But eclipses will affect you a lot. Some accident could happen to someone in your company. What is certain, that there will be restructuring in the company and they will change your job.

The eclipse of day 21, will affect you in another aspect, that of considering your profession. You will wonder if you are working exactly what you want and can change.

Horoscope Scorpio home and family January 2019

Beware of the eclipses of this month, day 6 and day 21, because you could have a domestic accident.

Also, your brothers and fathers are in the same danger. Your appliances or electrical appliances will break, due to eclipses as well. So, take it easy, and next month it will go better.

Horoscope Scorpio money January 2019

The money will be excellent and most importantly, you will feel safe and secure. On 21-22-23 the Lottery could touch you, so it plays … It is worth trying!

Horoscope Scorpio health January 2019

Health will be good. They will not have any health problems and you will feel energized for everything. You will continue with your routine of always exercising and sports. You will not get tired Your energy will give for everything.

If you contract, do not cut yourself with the massages. They are important to you Emotionally you will be super good and you will feel happy and balanced.

It will also serve you, to rest and put your ideas in order and set priorities. BUT take care on day 6, a lunar eclipse will take place and you could suffer an accident

Horoscope Scorpio social life and friends January 2019

Social life will be very stable and you, with your charisma, will be the center of your friends or the social circle to which you go. If you want to have fun, you will do it beautifully.

On days 21-22-23 you could meet the woman/man of your life. If you are thinking of taking a trip, this is not a good time, since eclipses could complicate your life: losing your plane, your tickets, your suitcases, delays … Leave it for another time.

Horoscope Scorpio studies January 2019

If you are a student, you will be regular and you will rethink whether to change careers or study centers or change some subjects that you can not … You will be confused, dissatisfied and decided to rethink your studies.

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