14 injured in Backstreet Boys concert-[Video]

The inclemencies of the weather forced the suspension of the concert, but around 150 people did not evacuate in a timely manner and ended up injured.


14 injured in Backstreet Boys concert

This Saturday, 14 Backstreet Boys fans were injured after a structure collapsed on them outside WinStar World Casino and Resort, where the band was preparing to start a concert; in Oklahoma, United States.

Through a statement, WinStar World Casino and Resort said that “we have been waiting for a great show with the Backstreet Boys for months (…) The results of the weather in the area have caused the show to be postponed .”

And in the area was felt a storm that was accompanied by strong gusts of wind and lightning. In fact, a few blocks from the casino fell one. For this reason, at around 5:00 pm local time, the evacuation of the venue enabled for the concert was carried out.

However, around 150 fans would not have reached to meet the indication and remained in the vicinity of the stage. Already with the gusts of wind exceeding 110 kilometers per hour, some beams gave way and fell on some people.

This mobilized the emergency services to serve the 14 affected. All were transferred to health camps, where two have already been discharged.

One of the members of the band, Kevin Richardson was the first to speak about it. However, he did it when they were waiting for the authorities to decide whether or not to suspend the concert.

“Hey, folks, severe weather, high winds and heavy rain came through here in Thackerville, Okla. Emergency crews are in the tent, which looks like a trap, and some people who were looking for shelter were injured . to determine the damage to our scenario and production, “he wrote in his personal account.

After this, it was the same band that confirmed the suspension of the concert. “We do not want to put our fans in danger and, with the weather this evening and the injuries before, we have decided to cancel the show and we will try to reprogram it, the most important thing is that everyone arrives home safely and we will see them all Very soon! “, they said.


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