Cristiano Ronaldo Probably Won’t Go To Jail, Accepts 2 Years Sentence In Prison


Cristiano Ronaldo Probably Won’t Go To Jail, Accepts 2 Years Sentence In Prison

christian ronaldo accept 2 years prison

The player of Real Madrid and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo reached an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities to pay 18.8 million euros (almost 22 million dollars) and sentenced to two years in prison for evasion case, reported the Spanish press.

The striker irregularities in the taxation of his image rights between 2011 and 2014, it has already happened with other players. In May, Argentina’s Lionel Messi sentenced to pay a fine of 255,000 euros for tax fraud, replacing a 21-month prison sentence.

Being a prison sentence of fewer than two years for a non-violent crime, the usual thing is that in Spain you do not have to serve a sentence.

Cristiano Ronaldo accepted an agreement with the State Attorney for two years in prison that does not entail compliance and the payment of an amount of 18.8 million euros to end his trial for four fiscal crimes, according to the Spanish newspaper.

The Real Madrid player negotiated with the Tax Agency. His final proposal was to pay 14 million euros in total. Accept the tax crimes that are imputed and some technical criteria applied by the Treasury inspection.

The lawyer analyzed the offer and sent him a counterproposal with the 18.8 million. He pays and that fully accepted by the Portuguese player to conclude this process. First, it will disburse 5.7 million and then pay to reach almost 19 million.

In Court

The case is still pending and will be discussed in a courthouse. When the agreement reaches the Court of Instruction number one in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. CR7 accept the two years in jail to be changed through fine and the penalty not suspended.

Although this could bring problems in the future if you have a legal problem. The Prosecutor’s Office supports Luso. But the Legal Profession does not follow the criteria that applied to other players with these altercations.

Another that also exculpated his agent Jorge Mendes for four fiscal crimes committed between 2011 and 2014, because with the agreement.

This agreement made during the World Cup of Russia. This day will debut Portugal against Spain at 1 o’clock in the afternoon


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