Why You Should Know About The Dangerous Hot Water Challenge


Why You Should Know About The Dangerous Hot Water Challenge

hot water challenge

A new deadly game Hot Water Challenge has been viral in social networks where in countries like the United States and the death of a girl and many children have been affected, according to widespread information.

The deadly “hot water challenge”

Broadcast on social networks, especially YouTube, the “Hot Water Challenge”, as it is called in the US, has already caused at least the death of a girl, and has left many victims with burns, according to an alert issued by the Parents site.

Okay, So What Is the Hot Water Challenge, Exactly?

The danger game involves pouring boiling water on unsuspecting friends or challenging them to drink it with a straw.

It was born as a joke of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, the challenge of throwing a bucket of ice water in support of those suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). But the cold only caused seconds of discomfort.

However, a new Hot Water Challenge went viral on the networks. Thousands of young people are filmed while boiling water is thrown over their heads. Something so dangerous that it can cause serious injuries. Many have no way back.

Now, the case of a 15-year-old from Indianapolis was known. For the “Hot Water Challenge” (hot water challenge) suffered burns on all your skin.

hot water challenge

Kyland Clark recounted the horror in the first person: “The skin fell off my chest and then I looked in the mirror and the skin fell off my face too. ” The teenager had second-degree burns on his face, chest, and back.

He was hospitalized for more than a week. His parents chose to publicize the story to prevent young people from continuing to do so.

The “hot water challenge” a fatal danger

Hot Water Challenge actually first cropped up last August.  little Ki’ari Pope, 8, died last year because her cousin challenged her to drink boiling water.

How can you protect your children?

Parents to avoid that deadly game should be careful or reduce the chances of their children becoming involved in any of these fashionable “challenges”. For this, Nicholas J. Westers, clinical psychologist, recommended the Children’s Health site :

• Explain how these behaviors can affect your immediate well-being.

• Stimulate it to be a responsible use of social networks.

• Remind him that the fact of having seen it online does not mean that everyone is doing it.

• Talk to him about the challenge that worries you. Mentioning its possible effects in the short and long term is particularly important if your child shows the fascination for risk behaviors.

• Finds that you feel connected with healthy friendships. Otherwise, he might be more likely to adopt these kinds of fashions, Westers concluded.

If you have doubts or are worried about your child, resort to the help of an expert.



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