Kim Kardashian Terrifying Escape From California Fire- Video


The terrible fire forced Kim Kardashian to escape from home (Video)

Kim Kardashian posted several videos on his Instagram. Where she sees the evacuation process of his neighborhood in Calabasas before the possible arrival of fire at their homes.

TV star Kim Kardashian, along with her three children. She forced to temporarily leave their home in Calabasas, California, on Thursday. As a result of a serious forest fire outside of this town.

An event that assembled all police units. To evacuate practically all the inhabitants of the municipality and other nearby suburbs such as Hidden Hills and Agoura Hills. Where many celebrities reside.

Kim Kardashian evacuates home amid California fires

Through his Instagram account. The wife of rapper Kanye West, who was not with her at the time. The terrible event documented in several videos what was happening in the city.

Showing very nervous about the uncertainty linked to the future of her house and that of its neighbors.


“Pray for Calabasas, I just landed and when they got home they gave me an hour to pack and leave. They are evacuating all the houses in the city and we have to leave,”.

California fires: Kim Kardashian

She mentioned in one of those recordings. Which ended with the unexpected arrival of one of the fire trucks. It used to control the expansion of the flames in the municipality.

Videos of Kim Kardashian’s account

“The firemen have arrived! Thank you very much for doing so much for us,” Kim Kardashian exclaimed in one of the clips.

The celebrity posted several videos on his Instagram where he sees the evacuation process of his neighborhood in Calabasas before the possible arrival of fire at their homes.

Kim Kardashian Forced to Evacuate Home After Wildfire

A few hours after the celebrity recordings. The Los Angeles County Police Department offered more details about the extent of the fire. The difficulties experienced in control its expansion. As well as the order applied by the authorities to guarantee the safety of the residents of the area.

Kim Kardashian evacuates her Californian home after a fire broke out

At that time, it has already confirmed that the fire had burned more than 800 hectares. The evacuation affected the surroundings of the highway section that runs between Valley Circle and Lindero Canyon.


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