Learn How To Prevent Street Sexual Harassment In 26 Practical Ways


How To Prevent Street Sexual Harassment

Many women live with a constant fear of sexual harassment that is transmitted in actions to avoid that sometimes men do not notice or that even we ourselves are not aware of doing. Forms of “prevention” that are not more than acts that women naturalize for fear of sexual harassment.

Is sexual harassment not that bad?

We are a little tired of hearing that we are told that feminists are a bit exaggerated, that it is not so bad, that the world has already evolved and is not macho … “But what are you saying?” We ask ourselves again and again because we have to live day by day with patriarchy, fight against it when we have the opportunity and oppress ourselves before it when fear and danger surpass us.

prevention of street sexual harassment

When a person does not know what it is to live with the fear of sexual harassment, it is easy for them not to put themselves in women’s shoes, but that is no excuse for not trying to be more understanding and assertive and make an effort to understand the demands feminists of women.

Prevent Street Sexual Harassment

So if you are one of those people who does not want to accept the situation of women in the world, it is time to face reality. These are the things that women do constantly for fear of sexual harassment. Almost all of us make several of them daily. Exact! Each and every day of our life.

  1. Do not accept a drink from a stranger if the waiter has not served it in front of you.

2. Tell that guy that you have entered the bar that “you have a boyfriend” because you know that if you simply tell him that you are not interested. They will not leave you alone.

3. Warn your friends when you are going to have a first date with someone you do not know very well and tell them where you are to your friends.

4. Have SOS codes with your friends for potentially dangerous situations.

5. Send a message to your friend to let her know that the appointment is not going badly and that you are out of danger.

6. Lower the sound of your headphones on public transport because you should know what is happening around you just in case.

7. Look back when you walk at night on the street to make sure you are not being followed. 

8. Crossing the sidewalk when you see a suspicious man who looks at you as if he were stripping you, just in case, he’s not going to be a rapist.

9. Put on shorts under the skirt to avoid upskirting.

10. Do not look into the eyes of a stranger in the subway for fear of being “misinterpreted”. Walk fast to get to your destination early as soon as possible.

11. Keep 112 on your mobile phone when you walk alone down the street in case they attack you.

12.  Ignore the men who whistle on the street or comment on your appearance, although inside you feel embarrassed or you would like to face them, you fear that reprisals are worse.

13. Take a taxi for prevention and be afraid that it is the taxi driver who can hurt you.

14. Find the way to always accompany you home because it is dangerous to return alone.

15. Warn your friends that you arrived “safe and sound” at home.

16. Decide not to wear the blouse you like in the job interview in case it makes you a man and thinks you’re implying.

17.  Be attentive to people who are close to you walking in the street in case someone is a stalker.

18. Block phones and social networks from stalkers who know you or not and who do not leave you alone.

19. Your biggest concern is that they get your address.

20. Close the car doors while driving and raise the windows for fear that a stalker will try to enter while you are stopping at a traffic light.

21. Sit next to a woman on the bus, because you know there’s a possibility that you’ll meet a stalker.

22. Do as you talk with your boyfriend on your mobile when you walk alone on the street or in a taxi.

23. Notify your group of friends of the taxi number you are going to so that it can be located in case they hurt you.

24. Go to the bathroom together, especially in spaces with lots of people, to avoid harassment or be able to defend yourself in case of an assault.

25. Put one hand in front and one hand behind when you pass between people at a concert to try to avoid being groped.

26. Caring excessively for the words we use with our co-workers or male bosses, especially if we have observed that they tend to intentionally “misinterpret” the things.

Women feel that we live in constant danger because even sexual harassment is socially accepted in many aspects. We know that there is no awareness of the situation we are living, we know that the law does not always favor us in cases of sexual harassment and that at some point in our lives we will suffer or have suffered sexual harassment, even in our childhood.

Is it fair to have to naturalize all these acts of “prevention” to street sexual harassment because we live in fear? Women should be able to go out without fear of being harassed, we should be able to work in a safe environment where sexual harassment at work does not exist and we should be able to feel that we live a safe life.

The next time you want to belittle feminist demands, be clear that thanks to feminism today we can talk about our situation and face sexual harassment with union strategies. Do not be ignorant that you do not want to know the reality that women live on a daily basis, do not underestimate women who delay in reporting sexual violence or those who strive every day to change the world and live without fear.

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