5 Important Life-Changing Lessons We Learned From Nelson Mandela


5 Important Life-Changing Lessons We Learned From Nelson Mandela

life changing lessons from nelson mandela

At the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. It is worth remembering the feats of this great leader. who throughout his life left us countless teachings on the humanitarian and peaceful handling of conflicts. How to deal with enemies and above all , about patience and long-term play without ever giving up.

South African president and Nobel Peace is an example to follow. So we should consider starting to apply their lessons of life in our own context.

We share 5 valuable lessons that Nelson Mandela left us to put into practice daily.

1- Errors are valuable because we learn from them

Nelson Mandela had to face many failures and mistakes, but he learned from all of them. Which allowed him to grow. He was not let down by sadness or reluctance. Mandela had to take out all the positive aspects of each experience and be prepared to face the future.

2- Be generous with everyone

Mandela lived in a hostile and violent environment; but he recognized that he should be generous with everyone always. Generosity shows others that we are respectful, even when they are not with us. This is the most necessary quality in a professional and leader.

3- Negotiation is the secret of success

If we want to be responsible and successful leaders. We must know how to negotiate so that all parties obtain fair benefits and are happy. A leader is often a mediator who must dialogue with everyone and know how to communicate, connect similar ideas and resolve conflicts. Try to involve everyone in the solutions so that no one feels left out.

4- Create real connections with others

The leadership rejects all the possibilities of going to fear to direct people. A generous person must know how to really connect with others, know them, know their problems in order to help them. They will believe in you and you will be an inspiration to them. Mandela was known for remembering the names of all the people who surrounded and accompanied him, that made people feel part of his team.

5- Be patient

No solution to any problem comes quickly and from nowhere. You must have patience to build the answer and decide what you should do. Nelson Mandela knew how to handle the art of waiting. He used to listen to all the parties when he was in a debate, finally he offered an analysis of what was said, which allowed to create a closure to the discussion.

Simply inspiring!

We must recognize the great figures of history, those people who made a real change in the lives of people. Let’s take advantage of the fact that they existed and we use their teachings to benefit our lives and be bigger, wise and correct.

Definitely the example that Mandela gave us is very valuable to replicate around the world. Let’s start ourselves


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