Trump “Excellent Relationship” with Kim Jong-un At The End Of Summit


Trump “Excellent Relationship” with Kim Jong-un At The End Of Summit

Trump Kim Jong-un Summit

The leader of Korea of the North, Kim Jong-un, and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, shook hands and cautiously smiled at the beginning of their historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday, where they will seek ways to end a dispute over the nuclear program of Pyongyang.

Live: The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un

The two men shared a cordial handshake, exchanged compliments for the cameras and met one by one for 38 minutes with only translators present as the world looked ahead to how their summit was unfolding in Singapore.

“I feel really good, I feel really good,” Trump told reporters as he sat down for his initial meeting with Kim. ‘We are going to have a great discussion, and I think it is a great success. It will be tremendously successful. And it is an honor, and we will have an excellent relationship, I have no doubts. ”

Kim, whose voice is almost never heard in the West, told the president of the United States: “It was not easy to get here … the old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in our way forward, but we surpassed them all.

“I think it’s true,” Trump replied, shaking his counterpart’s hand and doing what appeared to be a joke that was only audible to the two men and their translators as the reporters left the room.

Denuclearization, the central theme of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un

Trump and Kim held private conversations with only their translators for about 45 minutes before walking together. On a route that gave them another opportunity to talk to the press.

‘Very very good.¬†Excellent relationship, ” Trump told a group of journalists gathered. The president of the United States ignored a question from a member of the media about denuclearization.

Trump Kim Jong-un Summit

Moments later, Trump and Kim met with senior officials from both nations for a meeting. That would go to the heart of a possible nuclear disarmament agreement.

‘Of course, there will be challenges ahead. But I am ready to listen’. Kim would be heard telling the president of the United States in the group setting, through a translator.

“We have overcome all kinds of skepticism and speculation about this summit, and I think this is good for peace.

“Trump told him: “We are going to solve [this], we will succeed, and I look forward to working on that with you.

In his first greeting. Trump set the tone for the conversations, sending Kim an outstretched hand and stroking the dictator’s right elbow with the other. Neither of them smiled during the formal photo. Taken on a red carpet in front of alternate flags of the United States and North Korea.

However, when they turned the corner to address their first series of talks. In an area that Trump might have thought was off-camera. The American leader smiled as he exchanged quiet words with Kim and another handshake that lasted several seconds.


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