USA: Everything You Need To Know About Thanksgiving Day


usa thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day On the fourth Thursday of November. Thousands of families gather before large tables and remember a gesture that was between settlers and Native Americans

A family reunion before a large table. In which a huge turkey stands out in the oven is the mark that is seen in the United States every fourth Thursday of November for Thanksgiving Day. How did this tradition begin?

Thanksgiving Origin

usa thanksgiving day

The origin of Thanksgiving in the United States 17th century. The party celebrated during the year 1623 in Plymouth, the present state of Massachusetts.

At that time. The English settlers who settled in Plymouth. They did not have enough food to feed half of the 102 settlers. Then, the Wampanoag tribe helped the Pilgrims by teaching them how to fish and work the land.

When picking the first harvest. The settlers decided to celebrate this achievement with the Wampanoag with a thank-you party to help them survive.

The celebration of Thanksgiving becoming a tradition of the late 1660s. The party regulated in the 19th century by President Abraham Lincoln.

Thanksgiving Food

How to pack your Thanksgiving meal for a flight

usa thanksgiving day

The symbol of Thanksgiving in the United States is the turkey since this bird presides over the celebration table. The National Turkey Federation ensures that 88% of Americans consume this bird during the celebration.

Thanksgiving day 2018 except that 46 million turkeys will be consumed in the United States this Thursday. Two million more birds than last year.

Since the government of George HW Bush in 1989. The tradition of pardoning a turkey in the White House established. This ritual followed by all presidents of the United States.

The dinner followed by dishes prepared with vegetables such as beans, sweet potatoes, among others. It served mashed potatoes with gravy (a sauce made from the juice of the turkey). These salty dishes are accompanied with hot apple cider with spices or a sparkling apple cider.

The traditional desserts prepared for Thanksgiving are pumpkin pie with ice cream, apple pie, and pecan pie. They usually ate while watching the NFL games, the American football league.

Thanksgiving Day Traffic

usa thanksgiving day

Another aspect that stands out in the week of Thanksgiving is the huge traffic.  It estimated that flow is even greater than that raise in the United States by Christmas.

The American Automobile Association estimated that some 51 million Americans will travel this year. Two million more passengers travel than 2016. These people will travel distances of at least 70 kilometers or more from their home for this party.

This year in Los Angeles, Interstate 405 collapsed due to the vehicles that were traveling on Thanksgiving Day. The traffic even generated several jokes on social networks.


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