Weekend violence in Chicago: 4 killed, 41 wounded


Weekend violence in Chicago: 4 killed, 41 wounded

Weekend violence in Chicago

Dozens of people were shot between Saturday and Sunday morning, according to city police. Violence continues to claim lives in the poorest neighborhoods of the third largest city in the country.

At least 41 people received gunshot wounds in Chicago between 11 am on Saturday and this Sunday morning. Of them, at least 4 had died for this Sunday afternoon. Only in two and a half hours, 25 people were shot and two died in five separate shootings. This is how the Chicago Tribune describes it.

The same article also attempts to list the areas in which the violent events occurred: “Four people were shot at the 1600 South Avers in Lawndale, eight at the 1300 block of West 76th in Gresham, six others at Lawndale. in West Humboldt Park, another three at West Garfield Park.”

As reported by the NBC affiliate in Chicago, the Stroger Hospital was a complete chaos on Sunday morning. They reported that the families of the victims were prevented from entering the emergency room, while the hospital staff tried to serve a large number of injured patients.

“During the last 24 hours, the traumatology unit of Stroger received an unusually high volume of patients,” Caitlin Polochak, the hospital’s communications manager, told NBC.

The chief of police patrols, Fred Waller, spoke of the violent weekend at a press conference on Sunday.

“I promise this city, we will not be defeated,”  Waller said repeatedly.

The official said that security in the city should be a team effort, not just from the police department. “We can not measure what we avoid, having fewer victims is the way we measure our success,” he said.

When questioned about the number of agents that were designated to the popular music festival Lollapalooza, Waller indicated that it was not a lack of resources or agents, because those were already “accounted for”.

These episodes occurred days after hundreds of protesters temporarily closed the emblematic Lake Shore Drive in the city in protest against armed violence while asking for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel called for expanded arms control measures in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois.

The mayor, who already faces a long list of rivals if he seeks re-election next year. He has received criticism from some activists. Who says he failed to attract investment to the black and Latino communities of the south and west. While the center and the North of Chicago do not stop moving.

In 2018, Chicago has registered more than 300 murders, the highest figure of any other US city. However, this figure represents 100 people less than what the city had registered for this date last year.


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