10 Geeky Gifts For Marvel Fans This Christmas 2019


Taking advantage of the hype by Avengers Infinity War is full steam ahead, some will want to give their family and friends Marvel fans things for this Christmas of the brand. Here we have some suggestions.

# 1 Deadpool Keychain

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Yes, it will not be released in Infinity War, but it’s Deadpool, dammit! The best hero of all time and, in addition, the most handsome, friendly and fun of … Help, I have kidnapped …!

As I said, make a Marvel fan happy with these adorable keychains found on Amazon.

# 2 Piggybank of the infinity glove (here you buy it)

Nothing better to save than spend your money in a nice piggy bank to keep those coins that you just spent in the alc … wait, that’s not right.

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# 3 A lamp shaped like Mjolnir

Are you a fan of Thor? Do not? Well, we have something for you from the thunder god so you can start loving him. It is a led lamp with beaten wall design. #Beautiful

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You can find them here.

# 4 Marvel Clock (Here you buy it)

Do you like comics? Neither? Are you here because you have a boyfriend obsessed with them? Well, give it to him, he’ll like it and it will not come so late to discuss in forums if Darkseid from DC is better than Thanos from Marvel or vice versa. The important thing is that nobody beats Sub Zero. #Facts


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# 5 Marvel mascot costumes (here you buy it)

Do you like pets? Yes? Have you a cat? As well? Well, give him this beautiful Spiderman or Wolverine costume for Christmas, he will hate it, but the photos will come out incredible with Pelusa.

# 6 Spiderman Poncho (here you buy it)

It’s a hood, it’s a towel, it’s what your nephew or son did not know he needed in his life and now you will have to give it away or he will make a tantrum that will last for 3 days. You’re welcome.

# 7 Iron Man Alarm Clock for children (you buy it)

The product description says it’s for kids, but will you let those marketing bastards tell you what to do? Now go and buy that watch, soldier, so that one day you’ll arrive early for some important date, like at the movies with your friends, to watch Infinity War.

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# 8 Hulk Fists (shopping here)

This should be a tradition, the Hulk fists are a must for every Marvel fan. We may not have decent films of the green man, but fists that make noises if we have them. Also, nothing says more “I am an adult who earns money and kicks ass” than a few fists of Hulk.

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# 9 Captain America Waffle (shopping here)

Are you a true American? Do not? Mexican, Chilean, Uruguayan or Argentine? That should not stop you from having your damned waffle maker from the first avenger because nothing can stop the power of capitalism, ladies, and gentlemen. Neither Marx nor anyone, at least not while the cap is around.

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# 10 An original Funko pop from Groot baby dancer (here you buy it)

We can not say that there is Christmas if you did not think of a small pop figure to give (you) and nobody better than the adorable baby Groot. If you did not start out there your search did it wrong and you deserve to be taken with a psychologist because of nothing! NOTHING! You must go earlier on the gift list than a Funko pop.

Did you hear me an invisible brother who lives in my head and has not given me a Funko pop? You must buy it for me.


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