24 Effective Ideas To Keep Your Family Safe From Hurricane Nate


In the state of Louisiana, the beds are already being prepared in this center for the first evacuated. Before the imminent arrival of Hurricane Nate. Tropical Storm Nate has left at least 28 dead and 27 wounded as it passes through Central America.

Nicaragua has been hit hardest with 13 fatalities and the rainfall has been so great that it has caused floods and roadblocks throughout the country . The damage for now is incalculable. Costa Rica has been the second country in its path.

Here the landslides have left at least 25 people missing. ‘Nate’ is gaining strength, with winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, this morning as it passes through the Gulf of Mexico it has already become a Category One hurricane and has forced several airlines to cancel or modify their flights.

It is the fourteenth storm that is formed in this area in the year, when they still try to recover from the effects of ‘Maria’, which will go down in history as one of the most devastating.

If Hurricane Nate is expected to affect your area, follow these instructions:

Before The Hurricane Nate.

1. Cut the branches of the nearest trees;

2. Save objects that can fly in the breeze;

3. Stay informed by listening to the radio, television or Internet site as long as it is possible to hear alert messages;

4. Strengthen structures such as ceilings;

5. Cover windows and doors with nailed wood panels;

6. Put tape on the glasses and disassemble the large ones;

7. Save the necessary tools;

8. Provide various shapes and cubes;

9. Make canned food, bottled water, and first aid supplies;

10. Put the animals in their coat;

11. Stay in the house;

During The Hurricane Nate.

12. Stay in the most resistant places of the house (bathroom, living room …)

13. To leave the glasses,

14. Monitor the resistance of the place;

15. Monitor flood risk;

16. Do not leave during the eye of the cyclone, even if the winds are calm, do not leave;

17. Be more vigilant at night;

18. Wait for the end of the alert to exit.

After The Hurricane Nate.

19. Watch out for the storm surge that may come after the cyclone has passed;

20. Assess hazards: Move away from low spots, do not touch electrical wires or phone cables, check the condition of food;

21. Repair the house;

22. Provide help to remove debris from roads and streets;

23. Avoid travel;

24 .Drive with caution.




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