Cheap Wedding Ring is The Secret Of Your Long-Lasting Marriage


Cheap Wedding Ring is The Secret Of Your Long-Lasting Marriage

cheap wedding ring for long lasting marriage

According to a study would reveal that if your wedding ring cost “cheap”, your relationship would last longer.

Apparently,  marriage ceremonies would help predict if your marriage will last. Expenses made around it would play a major role. Among them, the wedding ring stands out, since the cheaper the wedding ring, the longer marriages would last, at least that is what a US study would suggest.

Lla Emory University of Atlanta, USA. It was who was responsible for making this interesting relationship between the cost of buying the wedding ring and the length of time between a couple.

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Three thousand married couples were investigated and it was known that those who spend between the US $ 500 and the US $ 2,000 are 1.3 times less likely to lose their marriage than they would have spent between the US $ 2,000 and the US $ 4,000. Also, those who would have invested between the US $ 5,000 and the US $ 10,000 registered 3.5 less chance of losing their partner than those who spent the US $ 20,000.  

Similarly, those couples who had a not so expensive ceremony and marriage rings with a value not very high, have a happy marriage. The study suggests that divorces would be motivated by the stress of financial issues and debts generated by marriage.

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In this way, the scientists invited a large number of people to sustain a lasting marriage. This would, of course, involve spending the wedding ring, the ceremony, and even the honeymoon.

Do you agree with Womenzilla? Or you would risk accepting a nice and expensive wedding ring.


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