10 Healthy Habits That Can Booster Your Fertility

If you want to become mom,here are some things you should know


Now you decided to become pregnant for your love and increase your family members?
so you want to become a lovely mom that’s fine, before that you have to follow the certain things.

Have you decided to go one step further in your relationship and increase the family? If you want to become a mom, it’s important that you take care of your health, starting by changing some everyday habits. Here are some tips to achieve a healthier life and booster fertility.

Are you trying to get pregnant? Does it take a little getting the result to be positive? Do not worry! Every woman has a hard time conceiving. It is important to always follow the advice of our medical specialist, but we can also make small changes in our day to day to improve the quality of life, and by the way, booster fertility. Write down these tips!

1. Best On Healthy Eating

fertility for healthy eating

It is very important to maintain a good eating habit, not only to favor the conception but for our health in general. Ideally, foods high in antioxidants and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, those containing folic acid, such as spinach, and products rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as bluefish. We should also pay attention to caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or energy drinks and, if possible, reduce their consumption.

2. Control The Weight

fertility for weight control

We must pay close attention to controlling our weight. Surpassing or being underneath can make pregnancy difficult. This is a very important factor since it could lead to problems during pregnancy, such as diseases in the mother, or the provocation of a preterm birth.

In addition, obesity can negatively influence ovulation and produce an increased risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension. On the other hand, if you are below your ideal weight, the ovulation of your body could be altered, while the availability of the uterine lining may be affected to allow the embryo to be implanted in it.

3. Avoid Tobacco

fertility stop smoking

Smoking is a harmful habit, so if you are thinking about getting pregnant, it may be best to think twice before lighting a cigarette. Tobacco can negatively influence oocyte quality, making it difficult for us to become pregnant.

4. Practice Sports Frequently.

fertility sports activites

Practicing sports on a regular basis and in moderation distances us from physical inactivity, prevents obesity and reduces stress. All these factors can improve reproductive health, so bet on exercise!

5. Moderate consumption of alcohol

fertility avoid drinking

As with tobacco, excessive consumption of alcohol may decrease fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage, as well as cause other possible problems for the fetus if we consume it during gestation. It is best to take it in moderation.

6. Monitor your reproductive health

fertility checkup

It is important to keep all pertinent gynecological checks up to date (usually done once a year) and if you suffer any discomfort, see a doctor. From the age of 30 years, it is advisable to analyze the ovarian reserve through two tests: the count of antral follicles through an ultrasound and checks up to date (usually done once a year) and if you suffer any discomfort, see a doctor. From the age of 30 years, it is advisable to analyze the ovarian reserve through two tests: the count of antral follicles through an ultrasound and does blood tests to check the level of the hormone AMH.

7. Controls medication intake

fertility medication

Taking medications should be properly monitored by a physician, as there are some drugs that may affect fertility or interfere with assisted reproduction treatments.

8. Control the stress

fertility control stress

This is a tip for you and your partner. Stress does not help when it comes to getting pregnant. It is recommended to perform relaxing activities to face the search for pregnancy in a more serene way.

9. See a specialist if you can not conceive

fertility consultant

If it takes longer than expected to achieve conception, we can always go to an assisted reproduction clinic. They will tell us what options we have to get pregnant and give us appropriate advice to our situation. Opting for a fertility treatment may be the best option when conventional methods fail. There are different techniques, such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with which pregnancy can be achieved.

10. What about men?

fertility mens

Not only do you have to take this fertility advice into account, your partner also. They should be careful at the outset and, like us, lead a healthy and healthy life, not stress, avoid tobacco and alcohol and follow relevant medical recommendations.

Finally You Conceive



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