HeartBreaking Moment Mom Says GoodBye To Son


A young mum has been visited by a ‘unicorn’ after finding out she had just days to live with terminal bowel cancer.

Sammi Fox, 29, has two children including a son Bobby, 5, who has Down’s Syndrome.

On October 9, she was given the devastating news that she had only days to live, after doctors previously thought her stomach problems which began eight months ago could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Sammi’s sister Kelle, 32, said: ‘She is getting weaker.

‘But when we asked if she wanted a visit from a unicorn she said yes. She loves unicorns and said ‘where is it’ as soon as we asked her.

Tens of thousands of people have watched a video of Sammi Facetiming Bobby as she welcomes a ‘unicorn’ (therapy pony Smurf) who walks up to her bed and greets her at the Marie Curie Hospice in Newcastle.

Kelle added: ‘When the unicorn arrived she FaceTimed Bobby and niece Brooke so they could watch. It was lovely and we even had a laugh when Smurf sneezed on her.’

The idea started when Lisa Walker, from Mini Pony Hire in Cambois, Blyth, read about Sammi in the local paper and saw she loved unicorns.

Mum-of two Lisa, 41, said: ‘Smurf went straight through the double doors and to the side of her bed and started sniffing and nudging in to her. She then laughed when he snorted on her. She loved it and despite the circumstances it was really nice.’

Mum of two Sammi Fox, 29, who was told she has days to live, has been visited by a ‘unicorn’ at the Marie Curie Hospice in Newcastle

Sammi and her family, of North Shields, are thanking everyone who has donated more than £3,000 to a fundraiser which will pay for her funeral and support Bobby as well as her other son Kai, 13, who lives with his dad.

Originally doctors thought it could be IBS. It was later thought she could possibly have gallstones and she was sent for a scan which discovered a tumour on her ovaries.

She was offered a hysterectomy but was in so much pain was admitted to hospital on October 2.

Sammi shared a tear-jerking video of her cuddling son Bobby on her bed as they listened to his favourite song, Take Me Home by Jess Glynne, as she prepares to say goodbye.

As emotions overflowed, earlier this week from her hospice bed Sammi wrote a heartfelt message to her friends and family on her Facebook page.

It said: ‘As most of you are aware I’ve been quite unwell for sometime now.

‘My diagnosis is bowel cancer which has spread to my ovaries. As of today I’ve been given literally DAYS to spend with my beautiful friends and family! I’m going to miss every single beautiful person I’ve met in my life – there’s some absolutely awesome people in my life and I love you truly!

She added: ‘Today I was given the news of literally days, maybe a week to live!! I have 2 beautiful boys who I’m going to miss growing up! I have amazing family and friends that I want to spend my life with but can’t!! I just want you all to know how much you truly all mean to me!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!’

Kelle added: ‘Sammi hasn’t lost her sense of humour and is still coming out with her one-liners. She loved the unicorn and so did the kids on FaceTime.’

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