Learn How Does Baby Soul Choose Their Parents Before Birth


Learn How Does Baby Soul Choose Their Families And Parents

Learn How Does Baby Soul Choose Their Parents

Once a soul has decided to reincarnate again. The first thing it does is choose the kind of life. It wants to have based on the life lessons it wants to learn. The decision depends on the karmic purpose of that soul.

For example, if two souls have lived together in a past life. Perhaps being mother and daughter, in this new incarnation. She will want to experience changing roles and now take the role of a daughter instead of a mother.

Souls often seek to remain in the same family, to resolve karmic questions of the family.

Once that soul chooses its parents. A connection is created around the mother’s energy. While the soul awaits its birth at the right time.

Many times these connections are given before the parents are still married. But the soul that has already made its choice calmly awaits its moment of reincarnation.

Mom also has an influence on the kind of soul that her family will receive. Your daily thoughts, your meditation, your desires, and purposes create a magnet for certain souls to respond to your personal energy.

Learn How Does Baby Soul Choose Their Parents

The soul enters the body at 120 days of gestation. During these days it is important that the mother remains in a meditative state to attract an elevated soul and to become sensitized.

During pregnancy, the soul of that being also influences the formation of the body that it will occupy in this life and that will help it fulfill its mission of life. When the soul is already inside, it begins to weave itself as part of the structure of the body in the womb, a single soul, a unique DNA, a unique potential.

Maybe it will be just a theory …

but how many mothers and fathers feel that they have a karmic connection with their children.

It is a feeling as if we had been together learning from each other in many life back.

Not only are we their life teachers, but they also become our most enriching teachers.


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