Pregnancy In Summer? Tips To Resist High Temperatures


With rising temperatures, pregnancy can be especially tiring during the summer months. It is advisable to take into account a number of factors that help us to cope with it in the best possible way. Here are some tips you can put into practice!

The heat begins and the summer is here; With everything good that it implies: vacations, beach, swimming pool, the sun, free time … But if you are expecting a baby, it may not be so idyllic, and even begin to notice the effects of heat on your body. From MaterNatal, give us a series of tips for pregnant women in summer with which it will be much easier to coexist with the high temperatures.

1. If You Want Sun Tan …

pregnancy sun tan

The sun is almost synonymous with summer but during pregnancy, we tend to get spots on the skin (it is due to hormonal factors, which make melanin that pigments the skin is more active). However, it is essential to expose ourselves to the sun as we need it to synthesize vitamin D. Of course, we must always do it with caution and common sense:

– Avoid direct exposure to the sun during hours of higher radiation (12h-18h).

– Wear a cap, hat or anything that protects your face.

– Put sunscreen cream of a high factor.

– If you go to the beach, take an umbrella to protect yourself at times.

2. To Make Swelling More Bearable …

pregnancy swelling

To better manage the edema (swelling) of the lower limbs you must take into account the following tips:

– Avoid standing for a long time.

– You can give him showers of cold water, alternating with warm water.

– Lymphatic drainage, massage that drains the fluid retained in the extremities.

– Drink plenty of water.

– Lie on your left side.

– Exercise in the water, move your legs.

– As long as you can raise your legs.

– Take food that helps you eliminate fluids (pineapple, artichoke, borage …).

If you go on vacation to the beach or live near the sea take advantage of walks along the shore in this way we activate the circulation. Then dive into the saltwater, you will see that you enjoyed it! This way the heat during pregnancy will be much more bearable.

3. If You Travel In Summer …


Pregnancy is not a disease and if it is low risk, the pregnant woman can carry out trips but always taking into account these particularities:

Travel by car: every two hours at most, get off the car and move your legs. Go to the bathroom, do not hold urine. Not good for your pelvic floor. In addition, a travel pillow can be useful for resting your head when you need it.

Boat trip: the last quarter is the most delicate and few cruise companies will accept you in the last weeks of pregnancy. In fact, you can request a medical certificate stating the probable date of delivery. Ships with more than 100 passengers have doctors and nurses on board. The best quarter is the second if you plan to make a trip like this.

Air travel: from week 28 you will be asked for a medical report that allows you to travel. It is recommended not to use this means of transport from week 32 if it is multiple or 36 if it is unique. Anyway, find out about the rules of the airline with which you plan to fly, as there may be some peculiarity.

Traveling near or far away always carry the reports of your pregnancy in case you need to go to a hospital while on vacation.

4. If you Have Trouble Falling Asleep …

pregnancy sleeping problem

Pregnancy is a time when many women complain about how bad they sleep and if we add to the high temperatures, it will be a nuisance! Here are some tips to help you better sleep:

– Ventilate the room well, open several windows of your house so there is some current. On nights where you can squeeze the heat well you can use a fan (never directed directly at you).

– Exercise, move. It is essential to get tired (but with a “good” fatigue), so as well as releasing endorphins with exercise, you can better reconcile sleep.

– Sleep in light clothing (or even naked, if you feel like it).

– Using a pillow for pregnant women can help you sleep better.

– Avoid copious and greasy dinners.

5. If You Feel Tired …

pregnancy women tried

With high temperatures many women feel that everything costs more than normal, they feel heavier, more tired. And the truth is that the heat often causes the tension to go down. To find you better:

– Sleep as much as you can, rest, take a nap.

– Do not perform exercises or activities that can get you exhausted.

– If you have very low blood pressure, have some coffee (no problem, if we do not abuse).

– Eat well, there are multiple healthy foods that we can eat like fruit and vegetables that provide us with many nutrients and minerals.


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