You Are Pregnant? Take This Precautions For the Lunar Eclipse


Pregnant Precautions Lunar Eclipse

Pregnant Precautions Lunar Eclipse

According to beliefs from cultures, pregnant women should take some precautions.

This night and the early morning of January 21. It will be the first eclipse of the moon this year 2019. There are always some beliefs around this type of events. One of them is that it can affect pregnant women and their babies. It does not hurt to take into account some forecasts.

Since our ancestors have always believed in the impact of the moon on humans, from the state of mind, sexuality, and fertility. In specific for women there is a direct influence of the moon with respect to the menstrual cycle. Since the lunar cycle is every 28 days, just like ours.

You Are Pregnant? Take This Precautions For the Lunar Eclipse


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According to the beliefs from cultures. The pregnant women should take some precautions to avoid that the children have any malformation. Although it is not a belief that is really proven in our days.

Among the beliefs to avoid lunar effects is to put a safety on the clothes. Use a red ribbon tied to the waist and above all, not exposed to the direct light of the moon.

It is important to note that malformations in babies have different causes. According to information from Kids Health. There is no exact knowledge of the reason for the malformations, however environmental causes. infections in the mothers or the acquisition of viruses such as rubella or chickenpox are considered.


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The most important thing is that during your pregnancy. You enjoy each stage and of course, it is worth taking care of yourself, having a healthy diet. As well as doing physical activity according to your own condition.

The super moon visible in Central and South America and during the early hours of January 21 Western Europe.

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