How To Prevent Back Pain From Your Children’s Backpack


It is not only an ailment suffered by adults, children also suffer from the back. More than half of those under 15 – about 51% of boys and 69% of girls – suffer from this type of pain.

This is due to the high degree of exigency that some children that dedicate themselves to the sport of maximum level, but also are risk factors the sedentary lifestyle and to load in excess the part of the vertebral column.

The weight of school supplies that children carry daily, the wrong way to transport them or inappropriate school furniture are also factors associated with an increased risk of back pain.

school backpack

“The weight of the school backpack should not exceed 10% of the body weight of the school. However, available data show that at least one-third of schoolchildren exceed this limit “, emphasizes Francisco M. Kovacs, president of the Kovacs Foundation.

Failure to respect this can cause muscle injuries due to this overload in the backpacks and are often derived in degenerative or chronic pathologies in adulthood, according to Cecova and the Nursing schools of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante.

The Kovacs Foundation has launched the 12th edition of the “Back Pain Prevention Among Schoolchildren” campaign to explain what to do to have a healthy back at school. The campaign focuses on emphasizing the importance of regular sport and reducing the weight of school supplies that school children carry to prevent back pain. Through the distribution of “Back Comics”, the campaign aimed at children between 6 and 10 years of age aims to provide minors with fundamental knowledge for the health of their back.

1. Exercise is the main measure that has proven to be effective for the prevention of back ailments.

school backpack

You have to make it a habit since childhood, since you have to try to prolong it in time. In particular, it is advisable to do physical exercise or sport at least twice a week, on non-consecutive days, for a total of three hours a week.

2. It is important that schools have lockers to allow students to leave some of the school material in safe hands and to avoid having to take them home every day.


3. The backpacks with wheels also release to the back of all the weight that supposes to take the books every day to the schools.


4. It is recommended that schools have adjustable seats at the height of children for the purpose of reducing back pain.

5. Do not buy backpacks that outweigh the child’s back.


6. The weight of the backpacks should be adapted to the age and size of the is inadvisable to use the same backpacks for several years because that is when problems can appear.


7. In order for the weight of the backpack to be distributed between different muscle groups, backpacks must have straps that can be fastened to the abdomen or chest.


8. The good distribution of materials in the backpack is very important to protect the upper back.

backpack9. The comfort of the child is essential to avoid “rare” postures. This requires the backpacks to be cushioned.



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