Santa Claus, The Magi and other characters LIES OR FANTASIES?


The festivities are approaching and many families begin to wonder how they will approach the topic of Santa Claus and the Magi with their children.

santa claus

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Some do not hesitate to promote these fantasies, while others say they do not like them because they argue that they are lies and is a way of deceiving children.

These characters exceed the religious and the Catholic tradition. They are part of the cultural and our lives. We have to bear in mind that our personal history plays an important role when it comes to defining what we will do with our children.


As dads, it is not the same to feel that we are lying to that we are putting together a fantasy world. That is why we must stop to think.

santa claus

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When a child sees someone dressed up as Santa Claus, The Magi, Mickey Mouse, Kitty, Spiderman, or whatever, he does not think is an adult in disguise, they believe and are sure they are seeing THE CHARACTER.

They get excited and we encourage that illusion. We will surely take pictures and keep them as memories. We do not tell them the reality, we do not make them realize that there is a man in disguise.

On the contrary, we try to sustain the idea that they are next to their favorite character. Surely we even make excuses to explain why they do not speak. Are we lying to them?

DO NOT; WE ARE NOT LYING: WE ARE PLAYING WITH THEM. That is childhood. A world to believe, to play. It is another reality, not the reality of the adult, it is the reality of FANTASY, ILLUSION, AND MAGIC.

Children live in that world, and this is the best thing that can happen to them. We must preserve that illusion and its innocence at first. To summon our inner child to be part of that world, putting together the magic scene, allowing them to be children, to be deluded, to believe that everything is possible.

Then comes the moment of disappointment, and as parents, we will have a new challenge when they learn about this new reality. A reality that marks that they grew, that they are a little “fewer children”.

For this, too, we are moms, dads, and other adults, to ACCOMPANY AND CONTAIN THEM in those moments. What will involve us to be creative again to make these children who are now a little larger continue being part of this fantasy but now from another place, often become “accomplices” of adults to continue creating magic for the smallest of the family?

Each mom and dad will make the decision that they think is right for their family. With what you feel comfortable, maybe if it is not Santa Claus and the Magi, they will be other characters. The important thing is to promote a fantasy world in children who currently live with an excess of “reality” closer to that of the adult than to that of childhood.

Remember that CHILDHOOD IS GAME. The game is as real to children as our reality is. Encourage us to be part of YOUR MAGICAL world and of YOUR reality.


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