6 Tips To Keep You Breastfeeding While Travelling


1. Schedule Stops While Driving

breasfeeding rest area

The idea is to take into account the rest areas you can find in your journey so you know where and at what time of the trip you can stop. However, even if you plan it, it is also important that you can adapt at any time to the needs of your baby.

2. Check The Rules Of The Airlines

breasfeeding tip for airline

If you are traveling by plane it is very important that you inform yourself about the airline’s policy regarding breastfeeding during the flight.

In most cases, it is possible to feed the baby without a problem, but it is advisable to make sure. In addition, safety checks should inform you if you carry breast milk.Learn about the customs of other countries.

It is advisable to know the rights of nursing mothers if you are going to spend the holidays in another country. This way you will avoid problems and you will be able to act accordingly.

3.Extract Milk And Preserve It To Prevent Unforeseen

breastfeed extract tool

Extracting milk in advance can be very useful when traveling. The breast pumps will allow you to do it and dispose of it when necessary. If you are looking for one, choose according to the use you are going to give it.

If you are only going to give breastmilk a few times a week get yourself with a simple breast pump (manual or electric) and if you are going to do it more often, opt for a breast pump with a double breast pump. With a refrigerator or thermal bag, you can keep it.

4. Prepare A ‘Survival Kit’ For You

breasfeeding survival kits

To make the breast even more comfortable, you can prepare a bag in which you have everything you need: bottled water, nipple cream, and breast compresses are some of the basics that should not be missing.

Neither should you forget the things your baby needs: diapers, wipes, some toys … So you can cope with any unforeseen events that may arise during the trip.

5. Choose Clothes That Allow You To Chest Comfortably

breasfeeding comfortable clothes

To make breastfeeding more comfortable and do not waste time, choose bras or t-shirts specially designed for breastfeeding.

6. Try to minimize stress

breastfeed minimized stress

During a stage like this, the most appropriate are to avoid the excess of activities that can create stress in the mother and repercuss in the baby.

During the holidays there is a tendency to plan many activities that can be overwhelming, so the advice of Montse Robles to the mothers is that they ask for help and do not want to do all of them, especially if they are first-time.

Have you taken note? Enjoy the holidays and the stage so special that you are living. You will always remember it!


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