HURRY! Today Is The Best Day And Time to have sex To Become A Mother Quickly


I am not referring to your ovulation, but at a certain moment that increases the chances, somehow.

Become A Mother Quickly

Getting a child is a strange thing. Some women happen to be “for fun” and others have to really fight to become mothers. A very thin case, which in most cases requires sex for the baby to come up, and especially correct timing.

British scientists had the curiosity to see when most children are born in time. What emerged was that on September 6th. Which means that on 2 January, at 22:36, the greatest number of successful sexual encounters is recorded.

“Yes, but why then”? You’re wondering. The explanation is very reasonable and gave it to 73% of the couples who participated in the survey: On the 2nd of the month you are home, relax with the other half, want to forget all that you eat and drink with rabies in the past days and one Another. 48% said that these days they are cheerful and moody, hence motivated to have sex, while 28% say clearly that all this festive mood hurts the passion for the companion.

71% said that the ideal time to fire the sheets is when the clock 22:36. That’s why no one explained it, of course, but anyway. Oh, also 36% of those who have caught a kid on January 2 day was a little dazed by the drink. And that’s reasonable.


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