What Is Your Actual Biological Age Quiz


Find Out Your Biological AgeĀ Quiz

biological age quiz

The muscles, heart, blood vessels, skin do not care what date of birth is in your passport. Find out how old you really are right now! In order to know your biological age, you will need a clock with a hand or a stopwatch, a ruler half a meter in length and a little help from another person.

1. Pulse test

Measure your pulse before doing the exercise. Then sit down 30 times at a fast pace. If the pulse has increased by:

0-10 units – your age corresponds to a 20-year-old person

10-20 units to a 30-year-old

20-30 units – 40 -year-old

30-40 units to a 50-year-old

More than 40 units, or at all could not perform squats to the end – then you are 60 years of age or older

2. Test for reaction speed

Your partner holds a ruler 50 cm long at the mark “0” vertically down. Your hand is about 10 cm lower, and as soon as the partner releases the ruler, try to grab it with your thumb and index finger.

If you grab a ruler at 20, your biological age is 20 years.

The level of 25 cm – 30 years.

At the level of 35 cm – 40 years.

The level of 45 cm – 60 years.

3. The test for mobility

Lean forward, bending your knees, and try to touch the floor with your hands.

If you manage to put your hands completely on the floor – your biological age is between 20 – 30 years.

you touch the floor with your fingers only – you are about 40 years old.

If you get your hands only to the shins – you are about 50 years old.

You reach out only to the knees – you are already over 60 years old.

4. Balancing test

With tightly squinting eyes (this is important!) Stand on your right or left leg. Raise the other leg approximately 10 cm from the floor. Your partner should note the time during which you can stand on your foot.

30 seconds or more – your age corresponds to a 20-year-old person.

20 seconds to 40-day 15 seconds to 50-year-old.

Less than 10 seconds – 60 years old and over.

5. Push test

For 5 seconds, pinch the skin on the back of the hand with the thumb and index finger. The skin will go white. Be sure how long it takes for the skin (white spot) to become the same.

5 seconds – you are about 30 years old.

8 seconds – about 40 years.

10 seconds – about 50 years.

15 seconds – about 60 years.

6. Sexual test

If you have a sexual attraction, which you can easily implement …

6-7 times a week – your age corresponds to a 20-year-old person.

5-6 times a month – 30-year-old.

3-4 times a month – then the 40-year-old.

1-2 times a month – 50-year-old If less often, then you are 60 years and over.

7. Test for flexibility

Throw both hands behind your back and try at the level of the blades to attach your fingers to the “lock”.

If you: Easily did this – your age is 20 years old.

Only touched your fingers – you are 30 years old.

If the hands only approached but did not touch – you are 40 years old.

If you could not get your hands behind your back and bring them closer – you are 60 years old.

And now add up all your results and divide by 7. This arithmetic mean and will be your biological age.


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