Quiz: What Style Of Clothing Best With Your Personality?


clothing personality quiz

Answer the questions of our test and find out what is the style of clothing and trends that best suit your tastes and take note of our tips to get the most out of your look.


Each of us has a personality and style. We hope that with this little game we have helped you to solve some of your doubts about style. If you liked it, do not hesitate to share it!

Your style of dressing Do you know which style best defines your personality?

Your personal style is what will make you a unique and unrepeatable person, and the way you dress will coincide with three fundamental points that I will describe below, which are essential to achieving your style.

Personality: It is fundamental at all times to respect your personality, be an authentic person and feel free with your style and never feel that you are wearing a costume.

Objective: Both your style, clothing and body language can be excellent facilitators to finally achieve desired goals and objectives. The better the image, the greater the power of influence.

Environment: The image is relative, sometimes your style must adapt to the work environment where you develop, always respecting your personality and your own essence.

Your best image will be reflected with the help of the detection of your own style, it is about balancing body and personality. By discovering both elements, you can get the confidence you need to support you to achieve your goals, for example; a new job.

Your style and good dress

The road to good dress will guide you by who you are, never try to adapt to wear any style other than your style.

All styles have space in society, and therefore there are professions that will allow you better than others, give free rein to your style and personality.

What is your style?

Now the task will be to define what is your style taking into account your personality and know if you project the right message. It is likely that you not only identify with just one style but that you have a mixture of several styles. Finally, the result will be, to know you better in order to get a better profit.

Then I share the different styles … know yours…

Natural or casual style

The style that communicates that you are an accessible and friendly person, your personality is optimistic and energetic. When dressing opts for:

Wear comfortable and simple clothes.

Casual garments
Natural materials
Jeans, cotton shirts, and sweaters
Small and simple accessories.
This style is identified with the following professions: salespeople, architects, engineers, teachers, athletes, and journalists.

Traditional style

Your style undoubtedly describes a responsible, organized, constant and honest person. The clothes of a person with this style are characterized in the following:

Simple accessories

Quality materials that last over time.
Classic cuts and tailor suits.
Elegant and clean look

This image clicks with the following professions: accountants, bankers, politicians, lawyers, and administrators.

Elegant style

Your style projects success and personal safety. For you quality is important and you know how to use your wardrobe.

For your daily activities, the basic items of your style are the following.

Handkerchiefs, jewelry, shoes, blouses or shirts, must have a distinctive seal.
In addition, possibly the garments are designer.

The ideal professions according to your style, are the following: general managers, brokers, and executives.

Romantic style

Your romantic style often projects an image of warmth. A sensitive person, understanding, considerate with others. You relate easily to people. Your wardrobe for this style is:

Loose and relaxed garments

Use of accessories and colors to project the romantic style.
Among the ideal professions according to your style, those of actors, artists, doctors, counselors, nurses, and therapists stand out.

Creative style

Original and spontaneous style, you are an adventurous person and of great ingenuity. At the time of dressing;

It’s not going after the current fashion rules.
Create your own style.
You are nothing conventional and traditional.
Very expressive.

The ideal profession is a publicist, designer, musician, artist, dressmaker and any profession within the world or artistic.

Seductive style

The most sensual style of all. The security in yourself and the care of your body causes admiration for others. Costumes:

Clothing adjusted to body lines
Colors and materials that highlight the body
Some of the ideal professions are, models, artists, gym instructors.

Dramatic style

Strong personality and at the same time sophisticated. You are a sure person of yourself and you never go unnoticed. Your wardrobe is characterized by:

The sophistication.
The defined lines.
The solid and vibrant colors.
… I identify with the romantic style, and you?

There is no better style than another, however, the perfect one for you will be the one that defines who you are.


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Quiz: What Style Of Clothing Best With Your Personality?
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Quiz: What Style Of Clothing Best With Your Personality?
clothing personality quiz: Answer the questions of our test and find out what is the style of clothing and trends that best suit your tastes and take note of our tips to get the most out of your look. Each of us has a personality and style.
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