Can We Guess How Long You Will Live With Just Ten IQ Questions?


How many years will you live in? (Do you really want to learn?)


How many years will you live in? And why do we want to know it? If you knew you were still 50 years ahead of you how would you use them? Do you think a lot? It’s probably not!

How many years will you live in? How many years do you have before you to do everything you have dreamed of? Life is very small in the sense that time is going very fast and when you reach an age you do not realize it! The point is looking back to have lived. A life full of joy, a “full of life”, happy.

You have lived every minute. Easy to say, difficult to do in a daily routine that runs, runs, and feels you can not get it done. We will tell you that it is in your hand. Gather life and live it as beautiful as you can. You got it!

How many years will you live in? Apart from the unexpected things of life, quality life and life expectancy also have to do with your simple daily habits.

The way you eat for example. You are what you eat! So say yes to more fruits and vegetables and finally cut that smoking. And a little gym did not hurt anyone ever.

But one of the most important is the way you live and think. Stress pays you every day more and takes you away for years. Do your best to be able to manage it!

Does this quiz tell you how many years you will live? How much does it matter?


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