Psychological Quiz: What Did You See First?


Psychological Quiz: What Did You See First? That Would Reveal How Your Personality 

Psychological Quiz What Did You See First

What is your true personality? The psychological quiz that images that reveal how you perceive the world. Pay attention to these optical illusions.

The quiz of the day arrived and today we present a very interesting test that is used in the field of psychology. The renowned British psychologist Hans Eysenck identified three dimensions of personality: neuroticism, psychoticism, and extraversion. To identify which group you belong to, you should observe a pair of optical illusions and determine what was the first thing you saw.

It is true that in the images you can find several elements and even say “but I can see all”. The test consists of saying what you saw first, remember that they are optical illusions, they are designed so that the brain processes several ideas at the same time, but there is always an element (a face, a body, an animal or an object) that capture our first look.

Here we present a quiz that will not take more than two minutes. There are seven images in total and at the end, we will tell you what kind of personality you belong to, as well as the perception of the world and of people.

The only rule is not to think much, just answer what did you see first? There is no good or bad answer, we just want to know more about you.


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