If You Pass This Psychotic Quiz, You Have Serious Mental Disorder!


If You Pass This Psychotic Quiz, You Have Serious Mental Disorder!

psychotic quiz

Sometimes it may have occurred to you that you are psychotic or that something is wrong with your mind and you can not control it. Finally, do you really have psychosis with some things?

And when you are psychotic what exactly is happening to you? Psychosis is characterized by the situation in which you have an attenuated relationship with reality. And it is a symptom of serious mental disorders. If you are psychotic you usually have hallucinations and your mind plays strange toys.

Illusions are aesthetic experiences that occur through the absence of a real stimulus.

For example, a person with an auditory illusion can hear his mother crying when she is not around. Or when someone has a visual illusion he can see something, a person in front of him, which is not actually there.

The psychotic may also have thoughts that are contrary to the facts, and these thoughts are known as delusions.

Symptoms of psychosis:

The symptoms of a psychotic are many and serious, and the help and treatment of a doctor are required.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • difficulty concentrating
  • depressed mood
  • the psychotic sleeps too much or too little
  • worry
  • suspicion
  • withdrawal from family and friends
  • illusions
  • suicidal thoughts or actions

The truth is that it is a very serious mental disorder. But to ease the climate a bit, we found a tickle that tells you whether you are psychotic or not because you often ask yourself whether something is wrong with you and your mind.

This test, of course, can not tell you whether you are psychotic or not, nor can you seriously consider your results. It’s just to spend your time!

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