This Artist Recreates The Sexist Parts Of Female body Embroidery In Racks


This Artist Recreates The Sexist Parts Of Female body Embroidery

Sexist Parts Of Female body Embroidery

The originality of Sally Hewett’s works is in the way she recreates the female body in racks. That eroticism of certain parts is perfectly reflected in his works. One by one we can see the concerns of this English artist who decided to break with the rules and do something totally different.

With thread and needle recreates the eroticism of the body

Bums ‘n Tums. Various fabrics and padding, various sizes. #sallyhewett #embroidery #stitch #highrelief #embroideredbodies #beauty #hairy #stretchmarks

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Thread and needle is the main tool that this English artist uses in her works. Sally Hewett’s grandmother, like many of our grandmothers, was a seamstress. From her she learned to sew with frames, the embroidery was great. Thanks to her both Sally and her sister created a collection of fabrics and sewing paraphernalia that they inherited when he died. He has scissors that are more than one hundred years old, perfect for his works.

An unexpected start, the body behind the scenes


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The possibility of creating parts of the human body behind the scenes arose unexpectedly. Sally was disconnecting a bit of art, which absorbed her so much, in the way her grandmother taught her: Cosiendo. He was making a flower, but he realized that it looked more like a nipple. He continued to see it represented in a clear and very artistic way. A new kind of art was born, behind the scenes.

The human body offered him many possibilities

Once she had finished her first nipple, Sally discovered that the human body offered her many possibilities. Imperfections have captivated her since she was a child. Her best friends had acne scars that seemed incredibly beautiful and the others a huge upper lip. Those characteristic features of her body showed her uniqueness and the shape of the bodies that Sally wanted to capture behind the scenes. Far from stereotypes and perfect bodies, this is a real beauty.

The real beauty that recreates eroticism

Breasts. #sallyhewett #embroidery #embroideredbody #stitch #highrelief #breastsofmanykinds #beautifulbreasts

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The most erotic parts of the female body sewn by Hewett in frames are the ones she has seen. Nipples with black hair or huge breasts, nothing of perfect measures, the real eroticism is in the real beauty. Grains are a recurring element that completely fascinates the author, in many parts of those bodies of threads are present. Defend imperfections in this way as a form of definition. With some rings as frames and a lot of imagination with Sally Hewett, we can explore the hidden part of the female body.


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