12 Beautiful Childbirth Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Perfectly Capture the Beauty of Giving Birth


Each of the following childbirth photos is unique and captures the moments of births of different women who are hurting, doubting, rejoicing, moving and crying. The collection you see is a selection of favorite photos of childBirth. Take a deep breath and start.

1. This Mom Help For Her Pregnant Daughter.

2. This mom, who was still busy with the afterbirth
while her husband held his child in his arm.

3. The wonderful moment when this mother held
her healthy child in her arms, born out of a surrogate.

4. This mom who looked after her boys while she was already pregnant.

5. A Baby born into a water birth.

KimBerly E got an honorable mention for her photo of a baby born into a water birth still in its sack - with its hands on its head

6. Welcome to the world from your mom.

7. This very first family photo.

8. This photo was taken a few seconds after birth.

9. This mom who gave her breast to her big girl – and her newborn.

10. This dad, who for the first time held his new-born girl in his arms.

11. This dad, cut off the umbilical cord into his own hands with his mouth.

12. And the pure emotion of finally being a threesome.




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