Would You Wear This? The Beggar Jeans That Have Gone Viral


Would You Wear This? The Beggar Jeans That Have Gone Viral

Jeans That Have Gone Viral

In this era of viral and disconcerting pieces, there is also the current of carrying the garments and their construction to the limit. It’s not something new in fashion, but now, with social networks, this is magnified. Now, this happens with jeans, which are now used with cuts.

But these jeans are the ones that have now outraged many because they practically only leave the seams.

The jeans are from the brand Carmar, from Los Angeles and cost 168 dollars. They are called “extreme cutout jeans”. In fact, they are sold out.

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Of course, netizens have said, among other things, that it’s the stupidest thing they’ve seen, among other “nice” comments. “It’s Kardashian trash.” “Are the designers retarded? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Jeans That Have Gone Viral

These jeans are perhaps the tip of the iceberg of the trend of dénim that we have seen in past seasons.

Vetements and Levi’s took off the jeans that are closed by the rear and also the dénim had its variants in the past seasons: it has been seen combined with all kinds of materials, cuts, and silhouettes.

From pearls to intact and boots, they have outraged the most “classical” people. In fact, Britney Spears also came out in denim in the last-and controversial-Kenzo campaign.


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