This Model Teach Us How To Be A Healthy Even Plus-Size


This Model Teach Us How To Be A Healthy Even Plus-Size

healthy even plus-size

Hunter McGrady was tired of telling her to lose weight because she would do good to her health.

“I can give all the cholesterol, my heart and everything tests and I’m perfect. These are ridiculous, “says Hunter McGrady, who has been a model that entered No. 2 and was the most unhealthy and miserable period in her life.

#flashbackfriday At age 15 I was told by 4 agencies that I needed to lose 3 inches off of my hips to be a model which would have put me at a size 00. I would desperately work out for hours and eat few calories per day, HOPING I could fit the bill. It wasn’t until 18 years old, 3 years of insecurities brought on because I thought I wasn’t good enough, that I wouldn’t measure up! I realized that my body was not built to be that thin. Today, I’m so thankful I’m able to pursue my dream and still promote a healthy body image. He will fill the desires of your heart! Chains are broken! I see it in so many young girls these days who are striving to have a thigh gap, or for their hip bones to stick out, or to fit a size 0. Not everyone’s body structure is made like that. Be the healthiest you, you can be. Be active, use the things God provided for you, focus on HIM and Embrace the body The Lord gave you! HE CREATED YOU IN HIS PERFECT IMAGE! You can’t deny his sweet creations!

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“In my 15, 4 agencies told me that I had to lose 3 inches from my hips to become a model so I could go to number 0.

I was desperate for hours and I was eating a few calories every day, hoping I would do what they wanted. At 18, after three years of insecurity, because I felt I was not good enough and I did not have the right proportions, I realized that my body had not been made to be so impossible.

Today, I am grateful that I can chase my dream and promote a healthier body image at the same time. I see so many girls trying to get a thigh gap, or see their pelvis bones fly off, or get into 0. Not all the somatomes are done like that.

Being your healthiest version, you can be. Be energetic, use all that God has given you. Focus on him and love the body he gave you. He created you in his image and in his likeness. You can not deny his sweet creation. ”

The plus-size model says she had no professional success and she could not be happy until she made the decision to stop wanting to get into a size and love the body she was born with.

“I am, I am not afraid, I am confident, I am inexhaustible, I am resilient, I am strong, I am myself. They no longer hold me the bonds that society has put me to fit into specific norms that are so restrictive and they brainwash me. ”

Do not be afraid to become what you see in social media and magazines, only see how you feel more beautiful with yourself, without looking like another.

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