Kim Kardashian Couldn’t Fooled This Time With Her Naked Photo


Kim Kardashian With more than 100 million followers in its official Instagram profile, anything that Kim Kardashian does on the networks virtually becomes a viral phenomenon.

And in the last week, the celeb has been able to shake the foundations of social networks until twice. Because if you get caught lying or in ‘balls’ it is clear that the Internet is broken.

Six days ago, Kim Kardashian ‘biting her teeth’ with a photo of her toasting in the sun with her distinctive flesh-colored bikini: “It’s very hot today.”

But the ‘Kardashians’ who have followed each of their steps for years do not forget an image of the body full of celebrity curves and reminded him that the photograph was not of today’s day.

The test of the recycling of the photograph is in the same profile as the Kardashian but dated 2014 … Get caught!

And talking about caught … What does Kim Kardashian climb to a bare tree?

The answer is the new book by Mert and Marcus, responsible for some of his most iconic photographs and to which Kim never gives them any answer.

If when a cat climbs a tree we call the firemen … who do we call down Kim K?


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