Lesbian Couple Proposing to Each Other And Their Reactions Were Priceless – Video


Lesbian Couple Proposing to Each Other And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Lesbian Couple Proposing to Each Other

A lesbian couple from the United States arrived at the Memphis Zoo (Tennessee, USA). The marriage purpose of taking a big step: Both wanted to leave the place engaged in marriage.

Jessa Gillespie and Becky McCabe did not know are that both wore engagement rings. To give solemnity to the act. After several years of love and have met in the same place.

The moment recorded by one of the relatives of Jessa Gillespie. Who posted the video on his Facebook account. Where she gets about 13 thousand likes and has been shared more than 18 thousand times.

The moment started when Becky asked, on her knees and presenting an engagement ring.  To her girlfriend, if she wanted to marry her, to which Jessa answered excitedly and began to look for something in her purse.

After a few seconds, the happy bride presented another engagement ring. Which she had thought of giving to her partner on the same day and place.

“I got engaged on Friday night at the Brew Zoo! I had no idea that she planned to propose it to me, and my girlfriend had no idea that she wanted to propose it too. We both very surprised! We surrounded by our friends on that wonderful night, “wrote Jessa Gillaspie on the social network.

In 2015, the United States Supreme Court declared marriage between same-sex marriages legal in the country. At that time, the body defined that the prohibition of homosexual marriage violated the Constitution of that nation.

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