The Lot Of Sex Makes Us Better At Work

Stop all Nonsense Work on Bed


Does every time you enter the office or get started for the job, are you a bit … dropped? The solution to find your inner peace and regain your mental well-being is no more than having more sex in your home.
Research by senior scientists from Oregon State University compared sexual life and the working environment of workers who are in a relationship and found that those who were more active in the bedroom seemed to be in a better position than their less well-off colleagues.
During sex, the brain is flooded with natural substances, which make us feel better. Sex seems, in other words, to have antidepressant action and lead to immediate improvement in mood, which is maintained the next day.
Professor Keith Leavitt, an expert on Organizational Behavior and Management, explained that “maintaining a healthy relationship, including healthy sex life, helps employees stay happy and focus on their work. This benefits both them and their employers. ” Unfortunately, the study found that letting work issues enter our home may have a negative impact on our night activity. Leavitt said the findings should act as a “reminder that sex has social, emotional and physiological benefits, and it is important to put it in our priorities.”


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